Learning objectives Short-term gymnasium

In our preparation courses, we cover all topics that are relevant for the entrance exam. However, Lern-Forum.ch always offers a view beyond the entrance exam in its courses. We also look at individual topics that are dealt with at the beginning of the probationary period. This is how you get off to a successful start in gymnasium!


The material tested is based on the teaching material used in elementary school. The topics asked on the exam range from the textbook Mathematics 1 (all chapters) to about half of the book Mathematics 2 (up to chapter 5a: Prices - Actions - Value Added Tax). Students can solve tasks from the following areas:

Number and variable (Arithmetic and Algebra)

 Data and random

Sizes and dimensions

Form and space

Plane geometry

French and English

No longer tested. Foreign languages are included in the examination result as part of the certificate grade.


The German exam has two parts:

Writing a text

Text comprehension and language observation (grammar and expression)

For more information on the learning objectives and the exact requirements (grade point average, etc.) for the entrance exam, please visit our website at www.lern-forum.ch. We offer preparatory courses starting from 1st secondary school of each year. There are both school-accompanying and vacation courses. We teach in small groups of up to 8 students. Thanks to our course materials, which are always up-to-date and have been tried and tested over many years, as well as our excellent teachers, we offer excellent preparation for the entrance examination. Click here to see costs, course locations and available seats.

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French disc donc learning vocabulary

Now learn the entire vocabulary without gaps

Dis donc 5th grade

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Dis donc 7th grade

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French Envol
Learning vocabulary

Now learn the entire vocabulary without gaps
(incl. pronunciation)

French vocabulary

Essay writing

Since the German grade is weighted at 40% in the entrance examination to the gymnasium, linguistic expression, text interpretation and grammar are more important than ever in the preparation.

We regularly write essays in the courses and a specialized team corrects, evaluates and grades them.

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