Cantonal school exam preparation

Lern Forum specialises in compact and efficient preparation for entrance exams to higher school levels.

Preparation course for the entrance exams

Since the comprehensive school reform in Canton Aargau, students of secondary and private schools and homeschooled students may take an entrance exam for Kantonsschule.

Students of district school in their 3rd year must wait an additional year to take the exam. Taking the exam "just in case" of poor marks is not allowed. 

For district school students, it is important to maintain good marks for the entire school year. Regular practice leads to success.

The material will be covered thoroughly but briefly. Students will use a structured course binder to review the materials.


Exam topics:

  • Mathematics
  • German
  • English and/or French


  • Vorbereitung Aufnahmeprüfung Kantonsschule / FMS / HMS

Course Dates Accompanying Courses for the Transfer to the Kanti/WMS/FMS/IMS

for Students of the 3rd District / 3rd sec. / Private School /10th School Year

CourseLevelStarting dateTimeLocationDetailsCost CHFAvailable
1. Wo Sportferien
Vorbereitung Aufnahmeprüfung
3. Bez / 3. Sek / 10. Schuljahr20.02.23 - 24.02.2309:00 - 13:00Lern-Forum WohlenDetails 1200.-- many Register

Vacation & Quarterly Courses

Compact course with all subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • French
  • English
  • German

including comprehensive course folder with solutions

Course location