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We enable all students to prepare for the entrance exam in the best possible way.

Unfortunately, preparation is almost indispensable nowadays, as the material is not repeated enough at school. As a leading institute for entrance exam preparation, we provide specific tasks for self-learning free of charge.

All worksheets are offered by us as PDF and can be downloaded and used free of charge. Only the sale, making available on the Internet, or any other commercial use of the worksheets is prohibited.

We offer you an extensive collection of worksheets and exercises for the subjects German, Mathematics, and French for easy download and printing as PDF. Free of charge, of course.

For each topic that appears in the entrance exam, you can download free exercises.

Does your child have the potential to pass the entrance exam?

As parents, you usually know where your child stands in school. On the basis of report cards, exams, and conversations with teachers, you can already assess whether your child is eager to learn and enjoys learning or has certain problems.

With our exercises, you can test whether your child has grasped the material. Perseverance is necessary for targeted preparation for the entrance exam. This quality is also required in gymnasium.

Is your child ready for the exam?

Use the exercises to find out if your child has reached the required level of knowledge. You can use the exercises as a test and correct them with the solutions provided.

If it still needs support and more practice, intensive vacation courses can work wonders and close gaps quickly. Also, encourage your child to never give up.

The gymnasium entrance exam tests Mathematics and German. This is fundamental core knowledge for life. In all professions, error-free German with stylistically confident expression and basic mathematical knowledge is required. So even if the exam is not successful, your child has not learned in vain.

Go through topic by topic

Students need to master each topic. Use our worksheets to check if all the topics are sitting.

Then you can download the old exams from previous years, print them out and present them to your child.

It may be useful for your child to solve the same exercises and exams two or three times. Tasks that he or she did not fully understand before will be understood better over time.

Learning with children

Children like to learn in a group with their peers. That's why specific courses are excellent for preparation. However, your child will also thank you if you take an interest in the content he or she is learning and are available to answer any questions. Support your child as best you can so that he or she gains confidence.

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Thanks to our many years of experience in the preparation for the entrance examination to the Gymnasium, we have a large treasure of practice material.

Benefit from, the leading institute when it comes to professional preparation for the Gymnasium.

For over 20 years, has been preparing students for the entrance exams to gymnasium with great success.

  • Mathematics exercises for gym preparation LG
  • German exercises for gym preparation LG
  • Mathematics exercises for gymnasium preparation KG
  • German exercises for Gymivorbereitung KG
  • French exercises for gym preparation
Mathematics exercises for gym preparation LGTasksSolutions
LG Anteile und Bruchrechnen
LG Flaechenberechnung
LG Koordinatensysteme
LG Proportionalitaet
LG Satzaufgaben
German exercises to prepare for high school LGTasksSolutions
Vorbereitung Langzeitgymnasium | Themen im Überblick 
Langzeit Deutsch Die vier Faelle 
Langzeit Deutsch Direkte Rede
Langzeit Deutsch Rechtschreibeuebungen
Langzeit Deutsch Wortarten bestimmen
Langzeit Deutsch Wortschatzuebungen
Langzeit Deutsch Zeitformen
Mathematics exercises for gymnasium preparation KGTasksSolution
Mathematik zu geom. Formeln 
Mathematik Bruchterme vereinfachen 
Mathematik Brueche 
Mathematik Festigung Multiplikation und Division 
Mathematik Gleichungen 
Mathematik Grundoperationen 
Mathematik Terme 
Kurzzeit Mathematik Bruchgleichungen
Kurzzeit Mathematik Flaechenberechnungen
Kurzzeit Mathematik Lineare Gleichungen
Kurzzeit Mathematik Potenzen und wissenschaftliche Schreibweise
Kurzzeit Mathematik Prozent und Rabatt
Kurzzeit Mathematik Sorten und Groessen
Kurzzeit Mathematik Termvereinfachungen
Kurzzeit Mathematik Textaufgaben mit Gleichungen
German exercises for gym preparation KGTasksSolutions
Vorbereitung Kurzzeitgymnasium | Themen im Überblick 
Kurzzeit Deutsch Aktiv Passiv
Kurzzeit Deutsch Antonyme
Kurzzeit Deutsch Die vier Faelle
Kurzzeit Deutsch Indirekte Rede
Kurzzeit Deutsch Indirekte Rede 2
Kurzzeit Deutsch Satzglieder
Kurzzeit Deutsch Synonyme
Kurzzeit Deutsch Verben
Kurzzeit Deutsch Wortarten bestimmen
Kurzzeit Deutsch Zeitformen
Aktiv - Passiv 
direkte - indirekte Rede 
Themenuebersicht Kurzzeitgymi 
Themenuebersicht Langzeitgymi 
French exercises to prepare for high schoolTasksSolutions
Kurzzeit Franzoesisch Adjektive
Kurzzeit Franzoesisch Futur Compose
Kurzzeit Franzoesisch Negation
Kurzzeit Franzoesisch Objet direct et indirect
Kurzzeit Franzoesisch Verben im Praesens