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Why the gymnasium preparation course is important and what are the benefits

In the course of the educational and professional career some entrance examinations have to be passed. Although they are often seen as a necessary evil, a passed entrance examination is of great importance for the professional future. If a student wishes to attend a gymnasium in Zurich, the central entrance examination is compulsory. This applies to all gymnasiums in the canton.

However, there are striking differences between the municipalities in the Canton of Zurich with regard to the preparation for the gymnasium. A comprehensive gymnasium preparation often depends on the personal commitment and dedication of the teachers. It is important to be aware of this point, as the respective teachers are the main factor in ensuring the success of the gymnasium preparation in Zurich.

Seats at Zurich gymnasiums are limited, so the exam is relatively demanding and poses a great challenge even for good primary school students. It is therefore not surprising that those who work individually on deepening their knowledge as part of a gymnasium preparation course greatly improve their chances of passing this very important entrance examination.

Benefits of the gymnasium preparation course

In addition to school subjects such as foreign languages and math, gymnasium students will also learn abstract thinking, which is required more than ever in demanding professions. Therefore, during the preparation course for the gymnasium in Zurich, the aspiring gymnasium students will also learn what is required in this area for the entrance examination.

Together with your child, we will analyze their individual situation and their present level of knowledge. The current status determined during this discussion then serves as a basis on which the gymnasium preparation course in Zurich can be started as soon as possible. Thereby, we focus precisely on the topics that are important for this examination. Unimportant topics will be left out as far as possible.

The close cooperation between the students and the teacher during the preparation course for the gymnasium in Zurich is the ideal basis for targeted preparation for the entrance examination and subsequent admission to the gymnasium.

Optimal learning materials and the individual filling in of possible knowledge gaps ensure that the preparation time leads to a smooth transition to the gymnasium. Through regular practice, your child will learn how to apply the teaching material. An evaluation of the interactive exercises allows the learning progress to be checked at any time. This way, we ensure lasting learning results.

Gaining self-confidence during the gymnasium preparation course

During the gymnasium preparation course, we will not only work on knowledge and learning methods, but also on self-confidence. Outside the actual lessons, participants have the opportunity to ask questions to the supervising teacher. This gives the chance to explain topics to your child in more detail.

Another aspect is the self-confidence that the students gain during the gymnasium preparation course. This improves stress resistance and thus reduces the risk that your child will be anxious before the entrance exam and unable to recall their knowledge due to excessive nervousness. This is a clear advantage in order to successfully pass the exam.

Even if the children learn on their own or partly with the help of their parents, external feedback from experienced teachers regarding the learning progress is always beneficial. This kind of sustained gymnasium preparation ensures that your child can comprehensively prepare herself/himself for the exam without unnecessary rush and with as little stress as possible.

Should your child attend the gymnasium and be optimally prepared?

Regular school lessons do not always offer the best preparation for the entrance exam examination. If your child is to be ideally prepared for the gymnasium, they must invest a lot of time and have a high motivation to perform. Is your child determined to pass the gymnasium entrance examination with success and willing to put in the necessary effort?

Lern-Forum has established itself as a competence center for gymnasium preparation in Zurich. We offer not only individualized classes, but also classes based on the highest teaching standards. Our team of experienced and extensively trained teachers is specialized in supporting students with individual and successful gymnasium preparation courses on their way to the gymnasium.

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