FMS Preparation

FMS Preparation Courses in Zurich

Prepare for the FMS entrance exam in small groups at Lern-Forum.

After the 3rd grade of secondary school opens up further education: the secondary technical school FMS.

The Entrance examination includes the subjects Mathematics and German.

In groups of 3 to 8 students, the school material is systematically repeated with the help of a clear course folder and consolidated with exercises. Afterward, old entrance exams of the FMS are solved and discussed in detail. 

Only when the required secondary school material has been mastered can the student recall the grammar of the languages as well as the theory of Mathematics and answer the exam questions.

We learn and repeat all topics without gaps.




The course materials are adapted to the current requirements every year. We practice for the entrance exam, and at the same time, the students learn an efficient working technique so that they can solve the tasks independently.

Dual enrollment FMS - short grammar school?

With the new regulations, double registration for KG and FMS is no longer possible. You have to take both exams separately.

Double registration is possible for the HMS, where you can indicate Kurzgymnasium with the commercial school option when registering. Depending on the overall grade achieved, candidates can enter a Kurzgymnasium or a Handelsmittelschule. This works from the 2nd or 3rd secondary school.

The FMS exam takes place on the same day as the BMS exam and can only be taken from the 3rd secondary school. The choice here is therefore not between KG and FMS, but between FMS and BMS. If you want to register for KG and FMS, you have to do this twice separately and take both exams in full.

For more information see the official cantonal website.

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For whom is FMS suitable?

What is the difference between Gymnasium and Technical school FMS?

Many young people believe they have a choice between the gymnasium and vocational training.

The apprenticeship fulfills the need for practice. Gymnasium students feel the desire for theory.

Far too little known, however, is a type of school that combines both: the Secondary technical school (FMS). 

The Secondary technical school offers an in-depth general education (in this respect it is similar to the Gymnasium) and combines this with professional practice (in this respect it is similar to a vocational apprenticeship).

This is because internships and job-specific instruction are an integral part of the entire school period at the FMS.

Unlike commercial or IT secondary schools, which are part of basic vocational training, FMS students graduate with a specialized baccalaureate after a longer internship and additional instruction in social and pedagogical areas. The degree gives access to certain bachelor's degree programs at universities of applied sciences or teacher training colleges.

With the passerelle test, university colleges are also open to graduates.

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Available spots and registration
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Preparatory short courses for high school
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FMS Simulation test

We conduct a specially created simulated entrance examination to the FMS.
Implementation, duration, evaluation "like real".

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Supplementary Courses English & French

Increase the chances of examination: 
50% the report card grades count.

Supplementary courses

Consistently good grades on the report card count.

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Course Dates BMS | FMS Quarterly courses


Course dates BMS | FMS Holiday courses

3. Wo Sportferien
Starting date 24.02.25 - 28.02.25
Time 09:00 - 12:00
Location Zürich Stadelhofen Mühlebach
Level 3. Sek.
Event 5
Days Montag bis Freitag: 
24.02.25 - 28.02.25
09.00 - 12.00 h
Classroom Mühlebachstr. 43 - 1. Stock
Teacher --
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Registration simulation exam BMS (1/2) | FMS

CourseLevelStarting dateTimeLocationDetailsCost CHFAvailable
Prüfungssimulation BMS | FMS
Mathematik | Deutsch | Aufsatz
externe Schüler
BMS | FMSSa 08.02.2508:00 - 12:45Zürich Stadelhofen MühlebachDetails 295.-- many Register
Prüfungssimulation BMS | FMS
Mathematik | Deutsch | Aufsatz
unsere Schüler
BMS | FMSSa 08.02.2508:00 - 12:45Zürich Stadelhofen MühlebachDetails 280.-- many Register
Prüfungssimulation BMS | FMS
Mathematik | Deutsch | Aufsatz
externe Schüler
BMS | FMSSa 22.02.2508:00 - 12:45Zürich StadelhoferplatzDetails 295.-- many Register
Prüfungssimulation BMS | FMS
Mathematik | Deutsch | Aufsatz
unsere Schüler
BMS | FMSSa 22.02.2508:00 - 12:45Zürich StadelhoferplatzDetails 280.-- many Register

Exam procedure

8.00 bis 9.30 Uhr Mathematik
10.00 bis 10.45 Uhr Deutsch: Sprachbetrachtung und Textverständnis
11.15 bis 12.45 UhrDeutsch: Verfassen eines Textes (Aufsatz)

Info about the FMS

Duration, Completion, Connection options

A total of five profiles are offered at the public specialized secondary schools in the canton of Zurich:

  • Health and natural sciences
  • Pedagogy
  • Communication and Information
  • Music
  • Theater

The Secondary technical school lasts three years and leads to the federally recognized Secondary technical school certificate, which allows admission to a Higher technical school. In the first year (basic year), teaching is the same in all profiles; in the second and third years, training is separated according to profile.

In an optional fourth year, students can also obtain a Swiss-recognized specialized baccalaureate, which gives them direct access to studies at a University of Applied Sciences within their chosen professional field.

In the pedagogy profile, the fourth year consists of one semester of training (full-time school year) and a specialized baccalaureate thesis; in the other profiles, it consists of an internship and a specialized baccalaureate thesis in the chosen professional field.

The specialized secondary school is offered at the cantonal schools Zurich Nord and Rychenberg offered.