Matura preparation Mathematics

The Matura is just around the corner, and you want to put the finishing touches on your math skills? Then you have come to the right place! We offer you professionally guided Matura preparation courses in which you can complete your mathematics knowledge.

For a good Matura – the decisive step towards a successful future.

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Preparation for the final exam Passarelle

Today, the vocational baccalaureate is a popular alternative to the classic high school education. Have you successfully completed the BMS? Congratulations! If you would like to study at a college or university in Switzerland, you must now take the supplementary examination Passarelle.

Our courses are also suitable for preparing for the final exam of the Passarelle. They are aimed at vocational baccalaureate students who would like to optimally round off and supplement their preparatory work before the exam in order to be able to face this challenge confidently and calmly. In our preparatory class, you can consolidate and deepen your knowledge and skills in the subjects of Mathematics and French. We work in small groups so that you always have the opportunity to ask questions and gain a solid understanding of the respective material.

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Mathematics Matura course for higher education entrance qualification

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University entrance qualification

Are you in the final spurt of your high school career? Put the pedal to the metal now and secure good grades on your Matura certificate. With our courses, you will optimize your skills and have everything you need to achieve top performance – an important investment in the future!

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Mathematics Matura Certificate

Even today, a good mathematics grade guarantees quick comprehension and high intelligence. A good report card is still proof of above-average performance. It opens doors and facilitates the next step towards success.

In addition, it is important for many companies to have an employee who can solve a problem independently and document this in a comprehensible manner. To this end, they pay particular attention to the math grade, which usually reflects the qualities they are looking for: perseverance, accuracy, independence. 

Mathematics courses 2020 Wohlen

CourseTimeCourse scheduleStageCourse locationCosts
Mathematics for Matura students 9.00 - 12.00 hKanti last classWohlen820.--
All prices include the course materials

Course location: Central Street 17 - 5610 Wohlen

Mathematics Matura learning plan

  1. Functions and graphs

  2. Analysis

  3. Vectors

  4. Combinatorics

  5. Stochastics

  6. Series and sequences

The Matura students receive a clear course folder, which is structured as follows:

  1. Theory for every single chapter with tasks

  2. Tasks to deepen the chapter

  3. Matura tasks of past years 

French Matura learning plan


Basic morphological and syntactical structures

  1. Verbs, tenses and modes

  2. Sentence structure

  3. Word types


  1. Topic- and text-related basic vocabulary

  2. Word families

Reading comprehension (listening comprehension at the margin)

  1.  Reading strategies, understanding original literary texts


  1.  longer texts on general and literary topics

  2. different text types (commentary, interview, dialogue)

A  Investment in your future 

If you can show good grades in your high school diploma, this will make it easier for you to find a job and the Study enormously. In the application you can thereby show that you have a quick grasp, think in a structured way and have acquired a systematic solution strategy for  complex problems.

A good Matura requires a lot of perseverance, diligence and logical thinking - all those qualities that are in demand in any demanding profession. Employers are therefore happy if they do not have to find out in the course of time whether the employee possesses these qualities, and therefore often rely on the mathematics grade.It is therefore worth investing in the mathematics grade - for a future in which all doors are open.

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Mathematics in studies

Mathematics is an integral part of many degree programs, where it is often one of the most learning-intensive and hardest subjects. As a result, universities often try to filter out the students who can bite the bullet and have a basic analytical competence.

The basic prerequisite for this is the Matura – those who learned Mathematics correctly in high school will have much better cards in their studies. It is enormously time-consuming to have to painstakingly refill old gaps in knowledge at university, and at the same time digest so much new information. 

Therefore, the general rule is: the time you invest in Mathematics now will be freely available during your studies.

Study programs that include Mathematics are for example:

  1. practically all ETH courses
  2. Economy (BWL and VWL)
  3. Psychology (Statistics)
  4. Sociology
  5. Chemistry
  6. Physics
  7. Biology
  8. Journalism and Communication Sciences
  9. and many more.


French is a Latin language, and it provides access to other world languages. Mastering languages is one of the key qualifications for a successful career.
If you master the grammar, you will quickly learn to express yourself at a high level in the language area.

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