Gym preparation at home

New: updated edition 2023

Complete task collection for targeted exam preparation

The core of our additional offer is formed by the exercise materials in the Form of ring binders. The mathematics, German and French preparation modules contain the entire exam material. So you are sure that your child is fully prepared for the exam.

For the explanation of the respective topic are theory videos available.

This combination offers each student the opportunity to work through, understand, and reinforce the material in a variety of ways.

Order exercise material - course folder for home use

This exercise material is not used in our courses. We have our own teaching materials.


Gym preparation with "modular learning

Exercise materials


The Mathematics preparation consists of 2 Ring binders (which can be ordered separately), which are structured as follows:

  1. Introductory tasks
  2. Exercises with increasing difficulty
  3. Examination tasks of past years

The pictures are structured in such a way that there is enough space in each task to solve the exercises directly in the fold-over ring binder.

The main author, Bilal Yilmaz, is a Mathematics teacher and taught at the Hottingen Cantonal School.
He wrote the entrance examination for the computer science middle school and was an examiner at the oral entrance examination to the short-term high school.


The German course is clearly presented and the individual topics of the entrance examination material are treated in a building manner.

At the entrance examination from 2023 French is omitted.

Visual learning

Visual learning

Nowadays, more and more students belong to the visual learning type. They learn best and most efficiently when the learning content is conveyed visually. In school, this aspect is often neglected. Students either receive oral explanations of the material or have to work it out for themselves by reading texts. These methods neglect the possibility of visual learning.

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