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"Ne discere cessa!" means in German as much as: "Don't stop learning!" and is the motto of our probationary period courses. The first hurdle is cleared with the successful Gymi exam, but even the probationary period can only be passed with a lot of diligence and commitment. We will accompany you and your child.

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Course Dates Latin Trial Course

CourseLevelStarting dateTimeLocationDetailsCost CHFAvailable
4. Wo Sommerferien
Latein Vorkurs Probezeit
Ende 6. Klasse05.08.24 - 09.08.2411:15 - 13:15Zürich StadelhoferplatzDetails 840.-- many Register
5. Wo Sommerferien
Latein Vorkurs Probezeit
Ende 6. Klasse12.08.24 - 16.08.2409:00 - 11:00Zürich Stadelhofen MühlebachDetails 840.-- many Register

In the long-term high school, Latin is a compulsory subject in the first two years. Latin classes are five hours per week.

This language is demanding. It requires perseverance, logic and practice. In contrast to elementary school, it is no longer possible without diligence.

Sometimes the student does not succeed, even though he or she is learning to start. Either the right exercises are missing or there is too little or wrong learning.

We repeat the material, consolidate the grammar with exercises. Young teachers motivate the students and give them confidence in Latin.

Latin - Introductory course

The exam into the long-term gymnasium is done and already comes the next hurdle: The probationary period.
For newly entering high school students, already waiting after the summer vacations is the first Latin lesson: a new language and for many the stumbling block in the trial period.

Our experience shows that Latin during the probationary period can become a burden for many students. Therefore, we run an introductory course in Latin before the probationary period.

In our course, students learn the structure of the language, cases, trial vocabulary, simple translations.

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Trial Latin course

After passing the exam to enter the gymnasium, the student faces the next hurdle: passing the probationary period. Even if it is difficult to get started, it is not too late to learn. The subject of Latin is often decisive for successfully passing the probationary period.

Latin trial course
Latin in the long-term gymnasium, Zurich, Information

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Holiday and quarterly courses

Consolidate the material

During the holidays, we run group courses in

French (formal grammar, text comprehension, text production)

Mathematics (grade separated sec./ Gymn.)

German (grade-separated 5th/6th primary/secondary)

Latin (beginners) (long-term gymnasium)

English (grammar, conversation, sec. A)

Spelling / Essay (Primary school students)

All subjects are bookable individually, duration 2 hours per subject daily

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