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IMS Preparation courses in Zurich

Every year, many Swiss students take the IMS entrance exam. In Zurich, the exam takes place at the end of October. This exam is a great challenge that your children must master in order to attend an IT secondary school, short IMS, in Switzerland. The IMS is a 4-year program that starts after the third year of gymnasium level A.

The school is attended for three full years before a one-year internship with a company is scheduled. The obtained degree is the commercial vocational Matura as well as the diploma of vocational education and training as a computer scientist. Especially the latter is becoming more and more important in today's world, which is why many students choose an IT secondary school.

In addition, the degree from the IT secondary school enables students to start their practical training, attend higher technical schools and study at universities of applied sciences. However, to benefit from the great opportunities and possibilities of this professional field, your children must first pass the IMS entrance examination. This is exactly how we have been helping a wide variety of Swiss students at the Lern-Forum in Zurich for many years.

The IMS Entrance Exam

Registration for the IMS Entrance Examination

In order to register your child for the entrance examination, they must attend or have completed the third year of the gymnasium, level A or B. Alternatively, registration is also possible after completing an equivalent education, but your children must not be 18 years old before May 1st of the entry year. You can easily register your children via the corresponding online portal

Contents of the IMS Entrance Examination

The entrance examination for the IT secondary school is divided into three examination subjects. Besides Mathematics and German, French is also tested. The examinations in Mathematics and German take 90 minutes each, whereas the examination in French takes only 60 minutes. In Mathematics, geometry is covered in addition to algebra and arithmetic. Text comprehension, language review, and the writing of a short essay are on the examination schedule in both German and French.

Passing the IMS Entrance Examination

The exam is considered passed with an average grade of at least 4.0, with the grade consisting of 40% Mathematics, 40% German and 20% French. So, if your child achieves a minimum grade of 4.0 in the entrance examination, they can start at an IT secondary school in Zurich.

Successful IMS Preparation

To ensure that your children have the best chances in the IMS entrance exam, we prepare them in the best possible way for the upcoming exam in our preparation courses. Our experienced teaching staff work with teaching materials adapted to the current curriculum, take a close look at the strengths and weaknesses of the students, and repeat and deepen the three examination subjects, Mathematics, German and French, ineffective course sessions.

This is how we have been preparing countless Swiss students very successfully for the entrance examination for the IT secondary school for many years, which is probably also the reason why our IMS preparation course is extremely popular. With our preparation courses, we not only significantly increase the chances of a successful entrance examination, but also significantly help your children to get started at the IT secondary school. Therefore, the professional and efficient preparation for the IMS entrance examination is a good choice for all students, which they will not regret!

Factsheet IMS-Preparation course (Scope of service)

15 x Saturday

13 x Wednesday and Saturday

Course dates school-accompanying preparation

Course dates Saturday

Course dates Wednesday & Saturday

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IMS Course Dates

CourseLevelStarting dateTimeLocationDetailsCost CHFAvailable
IMS (15 x)
2./3. Sek.ab 13.05.2309.00 -12.00Zürich StadelhofenDetails 2620.-- many Register
IMS 4. Woche Sommerferien3. Sek.07.08.23 - 11.08.2309.00 - 12.00Zürich KreuzplatzDetails 920.-- many Register
IMS 5. Woche Sommerferien3. Sek.14.08.23 - 18.08.2209.00 - 12.00Zürich KreuzplatzDetails 920.-- many Register
IMS (13 x)
Mi 13.30 h + Sa 9.00 h
3. Sek.ab 26.08.2309.00 -12.00Zürich KreuzplatzDetails 2280.-- many Register
Prüfungssimulation IMS
unsere Schüler
3. Sek.So 01.10.2307:45 - 12:45Zürich KreuzplatzDetails 240.-- many Register
Prüfungssimulation IMS
externe Schüler
3. Sek.So 01.10.2307:45 - 12:45Zürich KreuzplatzDetails 265.-- many Register
IMS 1. Woche Herbstferien3. Sek.9.10 23 - 13.10.2312.30 - 15.30Zürich KreuzplatzDetails 920.-- many Register
IMS 1. Woche Herbstferien3. Sek.09.10.23 - 13.10.2309.00 - 12.00Zürich KreuzplatzDetails 920.-- many Register
IMS 2. Woche Herbstferien3. Sek.16.10.23 - 20.10.2312.30 - 15.30Zürich KreuzplatzDetails 920.-- many Register
IMS 2. Woche Herbstferien3. Sek.16.10.23 - 20.10.2309.00 - 12.00Zürich KreuzplatzDetails 920.-- many Register

Changed IMS entrance examination 2022 - school year 2023/2024

This year, for the first time, the IMS entrance examination will be held according to the new regulations. The examination date will take place after the autumn vacation. The report marks count for half.
Examination subjects: Mathematics, German (no oral examination.)

Experience grades: Mathematics, German, French, English.

Date Entrance Exam:

The next IMS entrance exam schedule is not yet set.

BMS Preparation

FMS Preparation

Matura Preparation

IMS Simulation Test

Supplementary Courses English & French

Increase the chances of examination: 
50% the report card grades count.

Supplementary courses

Consistently good grades on the report card count.

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