Mathematics bridge course

The ideal preliminary course

Our mathematics bridge course at Lern-Forum Zurich aims to help your child during the probationary period at the short-term high school or vocational middle school (BMS). After all, passing the Gymi exam and transferring to the new school is unfortunately not everything. In fact, your child has to overcome many more hurdles during his or her school career in Switzerland. One of them is the probationary period at the short-term high school, which must be mastered.

For many years now, we at Lern-Forum Zurich have been helping Swiss students through all stages of their schooling with our experienced teachers as well as our proven and constantly updated learning materials. Together we overcome all challenges and bring your child to the desired goal.

If your child is also aiming for a good Matura for a great apprenticeship or the desired course of study, he or she must also successfully overcome the probationary period at the Gymnasium. Mathematics, in particular, is the most challenging subject for many students throughout their school years. During the Gymi exam you could already see how well your child masters the different areas and where he or she stands in comparison to others. In the Learning Forum, we not only practice the past topics, but also look into the future and prepare the topics of the trial period in detail. So support your child and enroll them in the math bridge course at Lern-Forum Zurich!

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For which Children is the Preliminary course in Mathematics well suited?

Our bridge course in mathematics is aimed at Swiss students who are transferring to a short-term high school or vocational high school (BMS) after passing their high school exams. However, the preliminary course in mathematics is also ideally suited for students in the second grade of the long-term Gymnasium.

While some children master this transition without any problems, others have difficulties in some subjects. Mathematics in particular is a weak point for many students, which is why our mathematics bridge course starts right here. Especially if your child has passed the transition to high school or vocational high school with only marginal mathematics grades, you should register him or her for the effective pre-course in mathematics at Lern-Forum Zürich.

This is because the pace of learning increases considerably at the Gymnasium, and students face ever greater challenges both in class and in the examination, so weaker secondary school students can quickly be left behind. To prevent this from happening in the first place, our mathematics bridge course helps your child to prepare optimally for the time at the Gymnasium and at the Vocational High School.

What is the learning objective of the Mathematics Bridge Course in the Learning Forum?

With the preliminary course in mathematics, we at the Lern-Forum Zurich pursue the goal of consolidating the mathematical content learned so far in order to create a solid foundation. At the same time, we want your child to acquire independent problem-solving skills in order to successfully master the challenges of high school and vocational middle school in the long term.

In addition, your child will learn how to deal with difficult terms, equations, fraction terms, and binomials. Likewise, in the preliminary mathematics course, students learn the Gymnasium or vocational high school teaching methods.

The systematic solving of as well as the application of certain learning techniques are fundamental skills that will benefit your child again and again throughout his or her school career.

The bridge course is for secondary school students who have passed the Gymi exam and for high school students who have completed the 2nd year of long-term high school. We learn to solve problems systematically and practice learning techniques in mathematics.

Available spots and registration
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Available spots and registration
Free spots

Bridge course short term gymnasium / BMS

Gain speed + safety

  • Double fractions
  • Terms
  • Binomials
  • Equations


  • Ray set
  • Geom. Oerter

Statistics on the retention in the probationary period


Overview mathematics courses

1st class secondary school
2nd class secondary school
5th and 6th-grade elementary school

Vacation courses

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  • Mathematics in high school
CourseLevelStarting dateTimeLocationDetailsCost CHFAvailable
Math / F / E
8./9. KlasseSa ab 08.06.2409:00 - 12:00Zürich Stadelhofen MühlebachDetails 980.-- many Register
Mathematik Probezeitvorkurs8./9. KlasseSa ab 08.06.2412:30 - 15:00Details 890.-- many Register
4. Wo Sommerferien
Mathematik Probezeitvorkurs
8./9. Klasse05.08.24 - 09.08.2410:30 - 12:30Details 890.-- many Register
4. Wo Sommerferien
Vorbereitung Probezeit Math/F/E
8./9. Klasse05.08.24 - 09.08.2409:00 - 12:00Details 980.-- many Register
5. Wo Sommerferien
Mathematik Probezeitvorkurs
8./9. Klasse12.08.24 - 16.08.249:00 - 11:00Zürich Stadelhofen MühlebachDetails 890.-- many Register
5. Wo Sommferien
Vorbereitung Probezeit Math/F/E
8. / 9. Klasse12.08.24 - 16.08.2411:15 - 14:15Details 980.-- many Register

Mathematics bridge course for Gymnasium / BMS

Once students have passed the entrance exam for Gymnasium, they must face the next hurdle: the probationary period.

Many students just barely reached the necessary maths scores to attend Gymnasium/BMS. Now they need to keep up during the probationary period.

In Gymnasium, the weaker secondary students have been weeded out and classes are moving faster. This can cause difficulties. Instead of doing pages of similar problems for practice, students keep a theory notebook and solve a few simple problems in order to understand each new concept. The more difficult problems show up in exams.


We practise the craft of mathematics. Students learn to work comfortably with difficult terms, equations, fractions and binomials while becoming familiar with teaching methods at Gymnasium / tech. BMS.

We offer a prep course for short-track Gymnasium during the summer holiday.