Guiding Idea of the Lern-Forums

Lern-Forum has over 20 years of experience in tutoring and preparatory lessons.

In the beginning, we exclusively taught tutoring in French and mathematics at all levels. Many parents could not support their children because they themselves lacked higher education. With a completed apprenticeship, ambition and diligence, a career with a management position was possible and guaranteed prosperity with home, car and holidays. A higher education was not necessary. Like many parents said that mathematics with set theory, algebra, geometry were "superfluous" and not in demand in later working life. You only learned what was useful at the time. Learning as a thought process was in the background.

In the meantime, parents are very well-educated and the academic education of their children is important. 

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1995 Introduction of Gymnasium preparatory courses and in the secondary school in Zurich

2002 Expansion of services across the cantonal border 
We rented new office space in Wohlen. At first our premises were on Oberdorfweg, then on Zentralstrasse next to the Manor. Our courses in Wohlen have always been in great demand.  

2008 Course Expansion

In our early years, we primarily offer tutoring in mathematics at all levels in the greater Zurich area and the neighboring cantons. At the time, many young men are preparing for the entrance exam to the Technique in Winterthur, which now no longer exists. We prepare the students for a clear, mathematical way of thinking so that they can cross the bridge between theory and practical exercises.

After a year, we add French lessons. Years before the new "Envol" system was adopted in schools, we attend courses on modern language teaching methods. This is one of the reasons why we love this book and why we have a large archive of additional related exercises.

More and more parents want to improve their children's chances for academic success through a good foundational education. We begin specializing in preparatory courses for Gymnasium and secondary school.

We vary our courses and are able to offer specific prep courses for Computer Science Middle School (IT school), Vocational High School (Vocational School) and FMS (General Secondary School). Individual tutoring stops in 2018

2010 Learning for life
The regular working day has changed character over time. We react to these changes with our new "Learning for life" courses. We test general skills that help students score internship placements at big, respectable firms. Likewise, we prepare them for the Multi-check and Basic-check tests, so they can earn above-average results.

Computer-related skills like typing are more important than ever. In our typing courses, the students can earn the typing certificate that is recognized by the KV (Swiss office-workers' association). They can learn self-contained skills and use them immediately. These kinds of skills are useful for your whole life. We begin adding to this branch bit by bit.

2016 Flexible learning
In autumn, Lern-Forum begins offering the new course model modular E-Learning. Flexible learning is a concept that works for students' varying needs. There is now the Gymi prep with milestones, which allows students to prepare optimally for the entrance exam without needing to attend courses each week. Learning does not have to be cut into free time.
Professional essay correction is added in response to the need for individual feedback. The students learn to write essays systematically and can improve markedly due to specific and individual tips. 

2017 Exercises for independent entrance exam preparation
Learning is a constant process that accompanies your entire life. The students learn German in order to express themselves precisely and without error. As adults, they have no trouble reaching their goals in the workplace or when dealing with official processes. The students have fun learning foreign languages in order to discover the world and come in contact with other cultures.

Preparation for Gymnasium requires solidifying fundamental skills that the students can call upon for the rest of their lives. Two of our Gymnasium teachers have created a resource for the independent preparations for the entrance exams for long-term gymnasium, short-term gymnasium and trade school. You can order these materials from us.

2018 Syllabus
Today's well-educated parents want to be more involved in their children's educations. This is why we now offer syllabi, detailing the lessons and homework assignments for the supplementary courses. A child's self-confidence is strengthened by his or her parents' interest in the school day. Parents and children can check in at any time and see what was done in the lesson. Direct contact with the teacher is also possible.

2020 Online Courses in the Distance classroom

Since 2015, we have been running small-scale online courses for pupils from remote locations in the canton of Aargau.
Due to the Corona crisis, our distance learning came to the fore from one day to the next. Due to emergency laws and regulations at the federal level, all courses had to be held online in the distance classroom. All the equipment was available, and so we immediately carried out the oral exam training with e-learning in real-time. 
Students solve the tasks as usual on paper, and the teacher gives lessons in real-time. In this way, students can solve tasks together and the teacher explains the tasks on a whiteboard. In the first month alone, more than 100 students took part in our e-learning program


2020 New rooms at New rooms at Kreuzplatz near Stadelhofen station

Education and training are becoming more important than ever for the future generation. Word spread about the high-quality courses offered by the Lern-Forum, so that the number of students increased steadily.
The success brought us bottlenecks in terms of course rooms. Although we expanded the online course offering, the demand for classrooms could not keep pace.
On October 1, 2020, we will move into new premises at Stadelhofen Kreuzplatz station.
Of course, all rooms are equipped with the latest technical equipment.

Over 20 years of experience

The requirements and the educational landscape are constantly changing.

We adapt to the new examinations and the new curriculum 21.

Our motto:

Keep proven methods – integrate new ideas