KV-Attest keyboard writing

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Recognized diploma


The blind entablature writing with 10 fingers belongs today to general education.

At some schools, writing with 10 fingers is integrated into the learning plan. In the past, commercial apprentices learned this skill at the beginning of their apprenticeship in a vocational school.

Today, vocational schools require students to take the keyboarding certificate before they begin their apprenticeship so that they can perform simple clerical tasks in the apprenticing company from the very beginning.

Our method and the keyboarding diploma are recognized by the cantonal vocational schools.

The evaluation is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the IKA professional association of commercial vocational schools.

Guidelines IKA

Favorable conditions

The keyboarding course at Lern-Forum is inexpensive.

9 course days with 3 lessons each + 1 test day

Costs including course book, Fr. 395.--

Students are obligated to complete their homework because it is part of the lessons.

Practice makes perfect!

Primarily upper-level students participate in our courses.