The Gymnasium Entrance Exam 2024

Long and short term gymnasium

In Switzerland, there are two different gymnasium paths, both of which lead to the same degree (the Matura).

The long-term gymnasium follows on directly from the 6th grade of primary school (after passing the entrance examination). Accordingly, the entrance examination is taken during the 6th primary grade (in March each year). The long-term gymnasium lasts a total of six years.

The exam for the short-term gymnasium will be done by students in the second or third grade of lower secondary school, Level A or B, filed. 

Pupils who have entered the lower secondary level directly after the 6th grade of primary school can take the examination, as well as pupils who have made the leap to the long-term gymnasium but had to change to the lower secondary level during the trial period. For them, the short-term gymnasium thus also means a second chance on the way to the Matura. The short-term gymnasium lasts four years.

Registration for the High School entrance exam

Registration for the exam takes place either online via Central Admission Test or via registration form by mail. If you would like to register by mail, you can obtain the corresponding forms directly from the secretary's office of the respective High School of your choice.

For online registration, you need a personal PIN. This can be purchased from the secretary's office of the High School of your choice.

All students from the 6th primary level can register for the Long-Term High School, and all students from the 2nd or 3rd secondary level A and B can register for the Short-Term High School.

It is crucial that the respective registration deadlines are observed:

Key Dates of Deadline Registration

Long- and Short-Term High School:


Art and Sports High School:


Computer Science Middle School:


Choice of Gymnasiums

In principle, the gymnasium can be freely chosen by the pupils or the parents. An overview of the gymnasium in the Canton of Zurich can be found on the website of the Department of Education. Get informed!

All gymnasiums in the Canton of Zurich offer information events at the beginning of the school year. Take advantage of this opportunity. The current dates for the information events of the Zurich gymnasium can be found on Zh.ch

At the information events, you can also take registration forms directly with you or purchase a PIN for online registration.

When will the 2024 Gymnasium entrance exam be held?

Exams will be held on-site at the respective gymnasiums. The expected examination dates are:

Long-term gymnasium, K+S long-term gymnasium

4/03/2024 from 8.00 a.m. (written, no oral exam)  

Short-term gymnasium, K+S short-term gymnasium, HMS, FMS

4/03/2024 from 8.00 a.m. (written)

Computer Science Middle School

10/10/2024 (written, no oral exam)

How does the gymnasium entrance exam work? What is being tested?

For the long-term gymnasium, only written examinations take place. The subjects tested are Mathematics and German. The exam is structured as follows:

Mathematics (60 minutes)

Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry

German (45 minutes)

Text comprehension and language observation (grammar)

German (60 minutes)

Essay writing


Oral examinations are not conducted for the long-term gymnasium. Students who do not achieve the required grade point average have definitely not passed the entrance examination.

Detailed learning objectives for the long-term gymnasium can be found at Lern-Forum.ch or on Zh.ch.

For the short-term gymnasium, the subjects tested are Mathematics, German, and French. The written exams are structured as follows:

Mathematics (90 minutes)

Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry

German (45 minutes)

Text comprehension and language observation

German (90 minutes)

Essay writing

French (60 minutes)

Text comprehension, language observation, writing

If the average grade of the entrance examination to the short-term gymnasium is between 3.75 and 4.0 (slightly unsatisfactory), the student may take the oral examination.

This is taken by the teaching staff of the respective gymnasium and is individually designed; however, the same subjects are tested (Mathematics, German, French).

Detailed learning objectives for short-term gymnasium you will find at Lern-Forum.ch or on Zh.ch.

How is the Gymnasium entrance exam scored?

In order to be admitted to the long-term gymnasium, the average of the experience grades (Mathematics and German grades from the last report card) and the examination grades must be at least 4.5. The subjects Mathematics and German each count for 50%. If this grade average (overall grade) is not achieved, the student in question is definitely not admitted.

For admission to the short-term gymnasium, the average of the examination grades must be at least 4.0 (the Mathematics and German grades each count for 40 %, the French grade counts for 20 %; the examination grade in German is composed of the grade of the essay and that of the language examination, which each count for 50 %).

If the overall grade (average of the examination grades) is between 3.75 and 4.0, the student in question may proceed to the oral examination.

If an overall grade of at least 4.0 is achieved there, admission to the short-term gymnasium is also successful. Students who have already achieved an overall grade of at least 4.0 in the written examination do not have to take the oral examination.

The exam results are usually within two to three weeks available after the tests and are sent by mail as well as on the website Zh.ch posted. The exams are not sent home to the participants. Those who wish to view the correction must do so on the occasion of specific viewing appointments.

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