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How to make the aptitude test a complete success

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Many apprenticeships in Switzerland require an aptitude test. Whether Basic Check or Multicheck: With our preparatory courses in Zurich, we help apprentices achieve better test results and increase their chances of finding an attractive apprenticeship.

Why are you in the right place?

The Multicheck is demanding. For many apprentices, the usually required test score of at least 60 percent can only be achieved with thorough preparation. That's why we have our Multicheck preparation courses: Here we prepare students optimally for the Multicheck and also reduce exam anxiety with the help of exam simulations. So in the end, the participants know exactly what they will need to do in the real exam, expected.

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Effective & successful - our Multicheck preparation courses

  • Individual support

Leave no gaps in your knowledge undiscovered. We adapt the learning speed and content individually to the needs of our participants and take the time to address all questions and uncertainties.

  • Practical exercises

Get to know the individual areas of the Multicheck or Basic Check aptitude test perfectly. With sample tasks and exercises, you can work specifically on your weak points and gain more confidence.

  • Practical tips

Leave nothing to chance! In a calm and pleasant learning atmosphere you will learn valuable and helpful tips so that you can retrieve your knowledge in the best possible way even under stress and time pressure.

  • Realistic exam simulations

Eliminate uncertainties and exam anxiety. With our exam simulations (including personal performance assessment) there will be no surprises during the multicheck of your apprenticeship.

  • Qualified teaching staff

All our teaching staff are highly qualified. With years of experience and a lot of patience, we prepare you in the best possible way for your Multicheck. The goal: to significantly increase your chances of finding the apprenticeship position you want!

What is the Multicheck actually?

The Multicheck aptitude test has been around since 1996, and almost all large companies now require it when applying for an apprenticeship - because the test not only allows important conclusions to be drawn about academic performance, but also records cognitive abilities. Among other things, it is about:

  • Logic
  • Retention
  • Short-term memory
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Spatial imagination

In addition to the school grades, the results of the Multicheck are therefore very meaningful. The Multicheck is conducted on the computer and takes two to four hours. In the process, several categories are tested, which in the end provide an insightful analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of an applicant. The better the result, the higher the chances in the application process.

Why is preparation so important?

Intensive Multicheck preparation is important for better results in the test and thus increases the chances of finding a good apprenticeship. For our Multicheck preparation courses, we have developed a comprehensive program that enables us to prepare students in Switzerland ideally for this vocational aptitude test. Our Multicheck Preparatory Course in Zurich is therefore aimed at all students who do not want to leave their aptitude test to change, but want to prepare for it in the best possible way.

5 final questions

1. When and where does the multicheck take place?

A Multicheck is possible throughout the year. A maximum of two test participations are possible within a clarification period, which starts anew every May. The test, which takes between 2 and 4 hours, is carried out in one of over 30 test centers in Switzerland. Our Multicheck preparation takes place in Zurich - at a location that is very easy to reach by public transport or by car.

2. When should the preparation take place?

We recommend early preparation. It is best to start at least one month before the apprenticeship multicheck takes place.

3. How is the Multicheck evaluated?

In the Multicheck, participants receive a percentile rank at the end. The respective test result is thus obtained by comparing the results of the participants with each other. Example: If 100 people took the exam, and you get a percentile rank of 60, that means 59 participants did worse than you and 40 did better. Most apprenticeship companies require a percentile rank of 60 or higher.

4. In which areas is the Multicheck used?

The Multicheck Junior can be required in the following occupational areas: Beauty, Technical, Commercial, Health and Social (basic education), Retail and Service, Commercial.

5. Why is the Multicheck aptitude test so popular?

Companies can use a Multicheck to compare the performance of applicants. In this way, potentials can be recognized, strengths and weaknesses identified and school grades "verified". The big advantage? In contrast to school grades, which depend on many factors, the Multicheck allows better conclusions to be drawn about the actual qualifications of applicants. Therefore, the Multicheck is an important tool for companies to find the ideal applicants for their apprenticeships.

Available spots and registration
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Available spots and registration
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The most popular professions:

What is the Multicheck?

What is tested?

The school material is based on the curriculum from the end of the 8th grade.

What is a good Apprenticeship?

Characteristics of popular professions:

  • Advancement opportunities
  • Opportunities a for career change
  • Good pay
  • Regular working hours
  • Teamwork
  • Pleasant working environment
  • Course info
  • Application
  • Course target

Course dates Multicheck / Basic Check


Are you trying to decide on a career and looking for an apprenticeship?

Nearly all small and large firms require an aptitude test along with candidates’ application documents. The best known tests are the Basic Check and the Multicheck. There are other job-specific tests as well.

What is the Basic Check?

The Basic Check offers an objective basis for the assessment of skills and talents so that graduates can make an informed career choice. The evaluation is computer-based.

Practice Problems

The objective of the course

In our opinion, the two test methods differ significantly.

The Multicheck tests the student's ability to concentrate, networked thinking and intellectual (cognitive) skills in order to find out the student's potential. The questions have to be solved under time pressure. This causes difficulties for many candidates.

The Basic Check tests basic school skills in mathematics, German, French and English. Attentive and diligent students are at an advantage in this test.

  1. Mathematics: percentage calculation, proportions, units, volume, circle
  2. French: conjugations in présent and passé composé
  3. English: basic vocabulary and phrases
  4. German: tenses and idioms
  5. New: physics and chemistry

Get to know Multicheck® and Basic Check now. We practice the test on paper.