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Topics for essays secondary school


  1. You have to be lucky
    Do you really have to? Address this assertion by illustrating your opinion with an experience or situation.
  2. Me on the Net
    We show ourselves in the various social media the way we want to see ourselves and be perceived by others. Why do most people only show themselves with edited photos. Is the natural image no longer enough? Do we want to portray a different personality?
  3. Should you always tell the truth?
    Are there situations in which you are allowed or even required to lie? Have you ever experienced such a situation?
  4. Dream job of the future
    Many young people dream of earning a lot of money with little effort. Does hard, physical work still make sense today? Or is working all day from Monday to Friday too strenuous?
  5. Misunderstandings
    How do misunderstandings arise? What are their consequences? Describe your experiences with this topic.            
  6. Arguing is healthy.
    Is it really? Using examples from your own experience, show to what extent you can agree with this assertion and where you may also have reservations. 
  7. Today's youth is spoiled.
    What do you think about this often-heard claim? Why do you think people think that today's youth are spoiled? What could you say to counter this claim?
  8. I am convinced of that! (Difficult topic, very open, here you can write a lot of things).
    Write about a concern that is particularly important to you, and outline how you might defend your beliefs to dissenters. 

Feelings and thoughts 

  1. Faces on the train
    Tell about people you observed while traveling on public transportation. What fascinated you about these people? What do you think these people were thinking and feeling, what might be your story? How did you feel while observing these people?
  2. I do not want to do this job
    There are professions that are very special and demanding. Is there a profession that you would definitely not be able to do? What is the reason for it? What do you think about the people who do this job?
  3. Sympathy for a foreign country
    School, books, television, and possibly travel have introduced you to a foreign country and its people. Explain why you have affection for this country and its people.
  4. I feel comfortable (or not comfortable) in this group
    Sometimes you feel well received and secure in a group right from the start. But it also happens that you feel excluded or disregarded. Describe a situation in which you felt comfortable/not comfortable. What went through your mind, what did you feel?
  5. Feeling at home - feeling foreign
    When do you feel at home? What contributes to that? And under what circumstances do you feel foreign?
  6. Then I was really ashamed
    Describe a situation in which you felt really ashamed. How did it come about? How did you feel? What did you do to overcome the unpleasant feelings?
  7. I no longer understand the world What situations or circumstances make you shake your head? Are there things in our world that you just can't understand? What goes on in your mind when you experience such situations, what do you think about?


Description- Experience Report  

  1. Role change
    Describe a situation in which someone, for some reason, exchanges their previous role (e.g., leader, follower, fifth wheel, etc.) for another. 
  2. I only mean well with you!
    Tell us how you heard this sentence. How did you receive this statement?
  3. The first day in a foreign city
    You are in a foreign city for the first time, whether on vacation or for other reasons (school, visit, etc.). What did you experience that day?
  4. My four walls
    Describe how you decorated your room and what some of the objects and pictures in it mean to you. Would you rearrange your room? Why? What would you change?                                                                          
  5. Unpleasant visits
    Describe situations that made you uncomfortable, either as a visitor or as a host. Why did you feel uncomfortable in each situation? 
  6. An argument with an adult person
    Tell how the dispute came about and how it was resolved. Then evaluate the outcome of the dispute.
  7. The worst/ the best day in my life
    Describe the worst or most beautiful day in your life. Why was this day especially bad/beautiful? What happened?                                                                                                                        
  8. A person I admire
    Tell about a person YOU admire. It can be someone you know or someone you have never met. Why do you admire this person? What can you learn from him?

Fantasy essays

Attention: fantasy essays are particularly difficult to write. Unlike discussions and descriptions, it is not possible to follow a specific pattern. Moreover, there is usually no "middle range" (grade 4 to 4.75) for fantasy essays. Invented stories are usually evaluated as very good or very bad (clearly insufficient). Therefore, only "essay professionals", i.e. those students who usually get good grades for their essays, should dare to write fantasy essays. 

  1. A day in the life of a handkerchief (difficult subject, avoid at the exam).
    You are the handkerchief! What do you experience during the day?
  2. Stealth
    This is a very special cap: it makes you invisible when you put it on. You are in possession of such a cap and write down your experiences with it in a story.
  3. The super nose
    Recovering from an illness, you find that you perceive all smells many times more intensely than ever before. And now? Describe your life with the super nose.
  4. If I could make the weather
    Imagine you have the power to make the weather on Earth. Tell your story: Who are you? How do you live? How do you use your abilities? What are the consequences of your actions?
  5. I put myself in... (Difficult topic, a lot of creativity is needed here)
    Replace yourself in an animal, plant or object from your environment (family, school or leisure), and describe what you experience and perceive from your new point of view.
  6. A world without paper.
    How do you imagine a world without paper? Describe this world! Think about what human relationships and activities would look like there, how everyday situations would work, e.g. at school, in your free time, at home, at work, etc.....
  7. The beginning of a story is as follows:" "They still all ask me how it happened, the other day, and why I did it. They all say it wasn't the first time I'd been alone in the apartment for a few hours.... . "
    Keep writing the story!
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