Supplementary courses prep for short gymi

Increase your chances of admission with better report card grades

Our supplementary courses help students lay the foundation for good report card grades and admission to the Gymnasium. Find out below for whom supplementary courses are worthwhile and what content is covered.

Why supplementary courses?

Our Preparatory courses focus entirely on the subjects that count in the exam - and in which many students particularly struggle: German, essays, and mathematics. However, since report card grades will also play a role in admission to the Short High School from 2023 ("preliminary performance grade"), we now offer supplementary courses for English and French.

  • In the supplementary courses, we provide participants with comprehensive support to close gaps in school lessons and systematically improve certificate grades.

  • The preliminary grade is composed of the certificate grades of the 2nd semester of the 2nd secondary grade. The subjects mathematics, German, French, English, and natural sciences count, which together make up 50% of the overall grade.

  • With a combination of preparatory and supplementary courses, students can achieve better grades in relevant subjects, prepare optimally for the exam, and thus significantly increase their chances of admission to the Short High School.

The contents of our supplementary courses

Supplementary French Course: Contents and Overview

Course content for 8 course days every 2h

Module 1: Verb conjugation present tense
Module 2: The Imperative
Module 3: The formation of the past tense
Module 4: The future tense
Module 5: The negation (the negative)
Module 6: Adjectives (declension, position in the sentence)
Module 7: Adjective augmentation
Module 8: Demonstrative pronouns
Module 9: Possessive pronouns
Module 10: The article of quantity (article partitive)
Module 11: Direct and indirect object complement (Position of the pronoun with different tenses and positive and negative imperatives)
Module 12: Interrogative pronouns (which, how many, who, what, which)
Module 13: The interrogative (the questioning)
Module 14: Numbers and tenses
Module 15: Reading comprehension and vocabulary
Module 16: Listening comprehension
Module 17: Text production

Supplementary English Course: Contents and Overview

Course content for 8 course days every 2h 

Module 1: Simple Present, interrogative and negative sentences
Module 2: Present Continuous
Module 3: Past simple
Module 4: Present perfect
Module 5: Future with will and going to
Module 6: Question words and Question tags
Module 7: Adjectives and adverbs, including intensification
Module 8: Adverbs of frequency/manner
Module 9: Pronoun (Personal- and relative pronouns (who, that, which)
Module 10: Quantity article (some, any, many, much, few)
Module 11: Modal verbs affirmative and negative
Module 12: 1st and 2nd conditional (if – when)
Module 13: Active/ Passive
Module 14: Vocabulary
Module 15: Reading Comprehension
Module 16: Listening comprehension
Module 17: Text Production

3 reasons for supplementary courses from Lern-Forum

  • Only experienced coaches and teachers work with us. We always adapt the course material to the current requirements and curricula.

  • We always teach our participants in groups of a maximum of 8 participants. In this way, we can personally supervise the students, provide individual support, and close knowledge gaps in a targeted manner.

  • Supplementary courses from not only consolidate the school material. We also teach proven to learn strategies and techniques so that our students gain more self-confidence and also learn more efficiently on their own.


English counts as a preliminary grade on the report card.
English is also a promotional subject in the Gymnasium and the BMS.

Closing gaps in

  • Grammar
  • Text comprehension
  • Text compose


Learn all topics of grammar systematically

  • Grammar
  • Text production
  • Text comprehension
  • Listening comprehension


A confident command of the German language is more important than ever. From 2023, German will be weighted even more.

Single subject courses

By popular demand, we now offer single-subject preparation. In this way, students can prepare specifically in mathematics, German or French for the entrance examination to the Gymnasium.. 
The courses take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school. The preparation lasts 2 x 60 min each.

  • BMS Preparation

    Tutoring and intensive holiday courses so your child can prepare for the BMS entrance exam.

  • IT School (IMS)

    Tutoring and intensive holiday courses to optimally prepare your child for the IMS entrance examination.

  • FMS Preparation

    Tutoring and intensive vacation courses to prepare your child optimally for the FMS entrance exam.

  • Matura Preparation

    Repetition preparation courses of all relevant subjects for the Matura examinations in mathematics and French.

  • Ergänzungskurse

    Mit unseren Ergänzungskursen legen Schülerinnen und Schüler den Grundstein für gute Zeugnisnoten und eine Aufnahme ins Gymnasium. Erfahren Sie im Folgenden, für wen sich Ergänzungskurse lohnen und welche Inhalte behandelt werden.