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Our offer fits into any schedule

In addition to school, sports and hobbies, there is often no time left to regularly attend a preparation course.

Our independent learning offer is flexible and unique. Students can learn flexibly and correct based on the solutions. The material is exactly matched to the requirements of the entrance examination to the grammar school.

 Gym preparation in self-study

The concept:

Exercise material and tests
  • The student practices the exam material with building exercises as well as exam questions
  • Videos and virtual classrooms explain the required topics.
  • Essay corrections and simulation exams serve as a check so that the student knows where he or she stands.
 Flexible learning - professional guidance

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For the first time, there is a structured learning program to support self-learning.

It is not enough to just solve old exams. It is important to have a structured structure and to create an understanding of mathematics.

Only then does the student gain the confidence to solve mixed tasks as they appear in the exam.

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Flexible learning

With our online learning program, students can prepare for an entrance exam (long and short term high school) on their own. The program fits into any time period. We offer a unique range with numerous exercises on paper, supplementary learning videos and the possibility of, to practice the Essay writing. We also offer an exam simulation.Exam simulation.

  • Essay correction
  • Simulation test
  • Milestone program
  • E-Learning

Essay correction

Essay writing, whether in German, English, or French, causes difficulties for many students. These difficulties can only be overcome with a lot of practice.

On our website, you can view the course participants Upload your own essays. The Texts are evaluated by experienced proofreaders and then sent back together with a detailed commentary.
This way, the student knows where he stands and what is required of the text, and can still improve.

Since the revision of the entrance exams in 2015, German is weighted twice compared to French (40% German, 20% French, 40% mathematics/geometry).

Simulation test

In order to succeed in an exam situation, a student must manage the nervousness and uncertainty that the task brings.

In our Simulation test the course participants can experience what they will be facing and experience one-to-one how the real exam will proceed. In this way, they are not surprised by an unexpected situation, but know what is important and can prepare themselves accordingly.

The milestone program

New at Lern-Forum: our unique milestone program

Students receive a course folder with the tried and tested Lern-Forum materials in paper format. This lets them prepare independently and flexibly at their own home. For further assistance, students can access our customised instructional videos explaining individual practice problems.

To check their learning progress, students attend a milestone lesson every 4 weeks (four times total). On these days, students’ progress is measured through milestone tests and an essay prompt. Participants immediately find out whether their studying has been effective and in which topics they should invest more time. In addition, the learning objectives that will be tested during the next milestone lesson are explained, and students can ask questions.

The famous Learning-Forum.ch-Simulations exam around the preparation perfectly. The student experiences the exam situation as real and can reliably assess the result of his efforts.

Education that fits into any schedule

With the online course of the Lern-Forums, learning can be done in the virtual classroom as in a normal preparation course, with the difference that the students sit at home in front of their own PC. Those who want to be even more flexible can work through the course content in self-study, of course with the best possible support from the Lern-Forum (in the form of explanatory videos, corrections and simulation exams).   

  • E-learning self-study
  • E-Learning Online Course (Webinar)