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Writing German essays (primary students)

Primary students in year 5/6


Writing German essays (secondary school students)

Secondary stage I 


An essay must be divided into three paragraphs in terms of content and appearance. The introduction has the function of informing the reader factually and informatively about the core topic. The main part contains the narrative or argumentation and the final part is expected to contain a conclusion, reflection or personal opinion on the thesis.

An essay is a formal text type. Colloquial and casual phrases and terms are not desired in the German essay. Rather, students should present their vocabulary at the entrance examination from its best side and try to use high-quality and demanding formulations. 

During a discussion, the thesis is examined from the perspective of opponents and supporters. A balanced number of arguments should be presented convincingly. The 3-B-rule can be applied: assertion, argument, proof. No argument should simply be thrown into the room without corresponding explanations.

In a narrative, a realistic event from the author's personal environment is usually expected. Nobody can check whether a situation has been personally experienced. However, it should be credibly conveyed to the reader that this event has taken place. Therefore, surreal or unbelievable actions should be avoided. The end of the essay "I woke up and it was all just a dream" is also rather undesirable.

While discussions are formulated in a completely objective and neutral way, it makes a narrative more authentic and exciting if the emotional level is included. By writing with all the senses (visuals, smells, sounds, sensations, feelings and thoughts) the reader is able to immerse himself in the narrated world and experience it to a certain extent. In this way a text is perceived as interesting.

How do I write an essay?

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The essay score plays an important role on the entrance exam. It says a lot about students’ language development and maturity level.

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