Probationary period escort Distr./Sec.

After the summer holidays, a new chapter begins for many students:

Transferring to the upper level (Bezirksschule or secondary) is a big change for students. They now have to study independently and prepare for lessons ahead of time.

What's new?

There are new subjects and classes are taught by different teachers. Especially when it comes to French, a good start is important.

The new curriculum divides knowledge and skills into four key areas.
German is of central importance as a subject.

Mathematics no longer consists of solving similar practice problems over and over. Students move on to the textbook Zahlenbuch 6.

In the 2nd upper-level year, the textbook is introduced. We have an extensive range of additional practice materials for these new books.

A weekly private lesson can lead to astonishing progress and give students the confidence they need to succeed in individual subjects.

We provide students with comprehensive practice materials that are exactly tailored to the school curriculum in the Canton of Aargau. We also offer practice exams.

During the weekly lesson, students can prepare for upcoming exams in Mathematics, French, English, German, etc.

Cantonal school or BMS?

We can help here as well. Our teachers are certified professionals and are thoroughly familiar with the required material.

Often, individual lessons are all it takes to keep up with the pace and not fall behind.

Private Lessons

  • Probezeitbegleitung Gymnasium
  • Mathematics preliminary course

    Lern-Forum offers Mathematics probationary period preparation course and bridge course for Sec. A, long-term gymnasium and BMS.

  • Mathematics

    Lern-Forum offers probationary period mathematics courses for the Sec. A, long-term gymnasium, short-term gymnasium and 5th grade primary school.

  • German

    Lern-Forum offers German essay and spelling courses for primary and secondary students. In these German courses the students learn about essays, grammar and vocabulary.

  • French

    We offer successful French Envol courses so you learn languages right from the beginning.

  • English

    English review course for Sec. students and exam preparation for the BMS. In these English courses you will learn grammar, simple dialogue, writing and reading comprehension.

  • Latin

    Latin courses during the autumn holidays, Latin courses during the probationary period. Probationary period preparation courses in June.

  • FAQs Probationary period

    General answers to common questions about the Gymnasium probationary period. Passing gymnasium, laws, new regulations, school success