Gymnasium probationary period support courses (BMS | IMS | HMS | FMS)

Support during the probationary period at the gymnasium

Gymnasium probationary courses support students during the first six months of Gymnasium. During this time, the school wants to find out whether the students meet the required performance standards and how they master the workload at the gymnasium. For the school, this selection process has the advantage that students have to prove themselves over a longer period of time.

Over the course of half a year, a student can be assessed better than by simply taking a gymnasium examination lasting several hours. The probationary period should not be taken lightly, as it is the period that ultimately decides over the final admission to the respective school. A support course can be very useful to help pass the probationary period of the Gymnasium.

Why book a support course for the gymnasium probationary period?

After the summer vacations, the transition into the gymnasium lies ahead, and you are worried about your child having a hard time? Your concerns are not unfounded; however, you don't have to worry too much. Many other parents feel the same way as you do, because for most students the beginning of the gymnasium probationary period is a leap in the dark.

Young people do not always manage to summon up the necessary energy for studying. This may lead to them developing weaknesses or difficulties in one subject or another. Sometimes, however, students without probationary support at the Gymnasium simply cannot get a handle on certain subjects, or they may just miss the transition into a new subject.

The many new subjects and courses are one of the reasons for this. In addition, an enormous learning speed is expected. As a rule of thumb, a student must continue the same effort he or she made to pass the entrance examination in order to also pass the probationary period at the Gymnasium. To ensure that your child meets these requirements and is able to cope well with them, the Gymnasium probationary period courses have been created.

What gymnasium probationary period courses offer

Gymnasium probationary courses and the probationary support in the gymnasium ensure that studying is approached as intensively as necessary. Since teachers rarely take the time to focus on each student individually, such support is worth its weight in gold. In addition, math teachers, for example, are often poor teachers, but subjects such as math are particularly demanding and require patience and explanation.

Parents often cannot provide the necessary support and classmates are hardly able to help because of their own problems. This is the moment when temporary support through regular coaching and repetition courses in the form of our probationary support courses at the Gymnasium ensures that the subject matters are understood.

In our gymnasium probationary courses, we always focus on developing technical skills. In order to achieve the greatest possible learning effect, tips on individual learning and working techniques are included, which enable the students to also study independently. The main aim is to make studying more efficient, together with the students.

Passing the gymnasium probationary period

Of course, the probationary period is not a perfect measuring instrument for the performance of a gymnasium student. However, it is a fact that, according to statistics, every fifth student does not successfully pass the probationary period at the gymnasium. In view of this fact, professional support through gymnasium probationary period support courses - in the subjects where it is necessary - is very useful.

Do you think your child could have a hard time at the gymnasium without a probationary period support because he or she already has some weaknesses in certain subjects? Our tailor-made gymnasium probationary courses support your child before and after they enter the gymnasium. Alongside the school lessons, the subject matters will be explained and deepened once again. Questions can be clarified and if there are any gaps, these will be filled.

In order to support your child in case of any initial difficulties at the new school, Gymnasium probationary courses offer a proven collection of various learning and practice materials, specially compiled for each exam-relevant subject, so that targeted support and optimal preparation is guaranteed.

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  • Französisch
  • Mathematik
  • Englisch


Latin is obligatory in the long-term gymnasium and takes up a lot of time.

Poor grades in this subject unsettle the students. Many begin to doubt themselves and ask themselves whether the gymnasium is the right school level. In the subject Latin one has to bite the bullet and try to develop an interest in historical contexts and ancient languages.

In our autumn holiday course we repeat the lessons and deepen grammar and vocabulary. In this way the student should understand the basic structure of the language.

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Low grades in French? This is mainly due to a lack of joy in the French language as well as wrong study techniques. It isn't enough to bone up on vocabulary; students must understand sentence structure as well as grammar. It's important that grades improve after the holidays and a French course is the best way to attain better grades.

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Gymnasium level mathematics isn't easy for everyone. Students start learning set theory, number systems, terms and fractions. This is very much beyond the arithmetic learnt in primary school. Both in secondary and in the gymnasium, students keep theory notebooks and deepen their knowledge with exercise sheets - often without a textbook.

We repeat and practice with additional exercises.

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The English language is more important than ever before. Students start learning English in their second grade, so English is now included from the first year of long-track Gymnasium.

As students now learn 3 foreign languages simultaneously, we have started English lessons during the probationary period. We focus on repetition and strengthening grammar skills.

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FAQ Probationary period

Frequently asked questions about the probationary period.


Gymi probation period courses

Probationary period Kurzgymnasium

Combination package Math / F / E
Our combination package consisting of Math, French and English ensures a good start into the Gymnasium as well as a successful probationary period.

Course 5 Saturdays after spring holidays

Course 4th or 5th week summer vacations Mon - Fri

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Introductory course

In the support classes we offer help with the introduction to the new language.


French is still a world language and a national language in our country. That is why this language takes up so much space at the school.

We practice with the most modern teaching materials. The learning materials are exactly adapted to the teaching material Envol (Cours intensif).


English is becoming more and more integrated into our language. English as a school subject is not the same after all.

Learn English right from the beginning.


Mathematics in the gymnasium is a key subject for access to scientific subjects. Therefore, a foundation in basic mathematical skills is all the more important.

  • Probezeitbegleitung Gymnasium
  • Mathematics preliminary course

    Lern-Forum offers mathematics probationary period preparation course and bridge course for Sec. A, long-term gymnasium and BMS.

  • Mathematics

    Lern-Forum offers probationary period mathematics courses for the Sec. A, long-term gymnasium, short-term gymnasium and 5th grade primary school.

  • German

    Lern-Forum offers German essay and spelling courses for primary and secondary students. In these German courses the students learn about essays, grammar and vocabulary.

  • French

    We offer successful French Envol courses so you learn languages right from the beginning.

  • English

    English review course for Sec. students and exam preparation for the BMS. In these English courses you will learn grammar, simple dialogue, writing and reading comprehension.

  • Latin

    Latin courses during the autumn holidays, Latin courses during the probationary period. Probationary period preparation courses in June.

  • FAQs Probationary period

    General answers to common questions about the Gymnasium probationary period. Passing gymnasium, laws, new regulations, school success