General terms and conditions

Valid for the offer in the Lern-Forum

By registering electronically, you acknowledge and accept the general terms and conditions of the Lern-Forum.

Offer on the Internet
The website is constantly updated with great care. It can nevertheless happen that an error creeps in with the announcement. In particular, the course times may vary slightly. The time indicated on the confirmation, which we always send before the start of the course, is binding. For you, the course location and the course time listed on the confirmation are therefore decisive.  
Our prices can be found on the Internet at any time. These prices are fixed, there are no promotional prices such as sibling discounts, early booking discounts, last-minute prices, social tariffs, etc. 

Registration must normally be done online. On the website, you will find appropriate links or a PDF form to download. Only courses that are advertised can be booked. There is no right to participate in a course. We reserve the right to exclude students from future courses if we have had a bad experience with them. When a course is full, no further students can be admitted. You can always check our website to see how many places are still available.
For organizational reasons, we cannot accept registrations by telephone.
You can, of course, get advice by phone at any time. Please note the info phone for the individual courses.

Formation of the contract
The contract is concluded with your booking (online). You will normally receive a confirmation email (always check your spam folder) and an invoice by mail, which are only declaratory in nature and are not decisive for the conclusion of the contract. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us. 

Terms of payment
After registration, you will receive an invoice, for minors in the name of the parents. On it you will find the date of payment. For very early registrations, payment is due 30 days before the course starts. The course fee must be paid before the course begins.
In exceptional cases, payment by installments is possible if the creditworthiness is good (1st installment before the beginning of the course, 2nd installment 30 days after the beginning of the course). There is no right to payment in installments.
For registrations made less than 10 days before the start of the course, the invoice is due immediately. In this case, payment by installments is not possible. In this case, reserves the right to request proof of payment (online banking "booked", postal receipt) before the course begins or before the student enters the classroom. Of course, payment can be made by credit card at any time. In this case, no proof of payment is required.

Default of payment
The reserves the right to assign an external collection agency the handling the payment process in case of delayed payment, the customer bears the costs for the additional effort. By accepting the GTC, the customer acknowledges that in the event of default, he/she must bear all additional costs (collection fees amounting to approx. 30% of the course fee) in full. In this respect, the provisions of the GTC take precedence over the general statutory default provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations. 

The registration is binding and cannot be canceled.
If the child wishes to come with companions, please make sure that you are at the desired provider. In case of erroneous registration, please inform us within 24 hours by e-mail and cancel the registration immediately. After this deadline, we do not accept any cancellations. Before booking, please check the details regarding the time, place and date of the course as well as the costs. If anything is unclear, check with us before registering. 

Students and parents should be aware of upcoming exams and individual opportunities. (Download sample exam and try to solve it, talk to the class teacher, self-assessment of the child, googling, etc.). In case of uncertainty, book a shorter course! We will be happy to advise you.

For any change, be it a cancellation or course reassignment, you will receive a written confirmation by mail. Arrangements made by phone are not valid.

Cancellation is generally not possible. If you still cancel your registration or if your child does not attend or cancels the course, the following regulation applies (also applies in the case of illness through no fault of your own with a doctor's certificate):


Log out untilCosts
30  Calendar days before the start of the course300  CHF Handling fee
29 - 15 Calendar days before the start of the course 40%  of the course fee
14 - 7 Calendar days before the start of the course 60%  of the course fee
6 Calendar days until 24 hrs before the start of the course 80%   of the course fee
No-show at the beginning of the course100%  of the course fee
Cancellation by mail / SMS at the beginning of the course100%  of the course fee
Illness at the beginning of the course 
(also with doctor's certificate)
100%  of the course fee
No show at the beginning of the course
due to unpaid invoice
100%  of the course fee


Cancellation costs insurance
We recommend that you take out a course cancellation insurance, if you have not yet completed one. 

Cancellation by

For important reasons, can terminate the contract at any time without notice and exclude the student concerned from the course. An important reason is, above all, the behavior of the student, which disturbs the course to a considerable extent. If such behavior is present, the disruptive student may not continue to participate in the course out of consideration for the rest of the class.

In case of cancellation by, there is no right to a refund of the course fee.

Of course, you will be informed before we take appropriate action. You will be given the opportunity to talk to your child so that can allow the child to continue attending the class if the behavior improves. 

Liability for damages
If a course participant causes damage to the furniture of the respective room rental company or to the respective buildings before, during, or after attending the course, the amount of the damage will be charged directly by the room rental company (Hotel Krone, University of Zurich, etc.) to the legal representative of the student concerned. 

The legal representative is fully liable for all property damage and personal injury caused by the respective (underage) course participant. 

Insurance, personal belongings left behind
The legal representative of the course participant is responsible for sufficient insurance coverage. is not liable for lost, misplaced, or stolen items.

Of course, our teachers always remind the students at the end of the course to take all their belongings with them.

Cancellation of courses with too few participants can cancel courses with too few participants. In this case, no financial obligations arise for the course participant. The course fee already paid will be refunded in full. 

We will inform you at least 10 calendar days before the start of the course whether the course you have booked will take place. In case of cancellation, we will be happy to inform you about other courses your child could attend. 

If we do not receive a cancellation up to 10 calendar days before the start of the course, the course will be held even if the number of participants is low. In this case, the course time will be shortened by 30% with an unchanged course fee.

In the event that a course is not held due to a low number of participants, you have no claims for damages against 

Trial lessons
We do not offer trial lessons in ongoing courses. This disturbs the flow of the lessons and contradicts our quality standards.

After the summer vacations we offer a trial day (information on our website). 

Absences and postponed vacations
The courses are to be attended regularly. Please report absences, especially for primary school students who come unaccompanied. There is no reduction of the course fee for absences, not even in case of illness.

The vacation dates of the respective course location apply. Often even neighboring villages do not have sports vacations at the same time. We try to schedule the course dates so that there are as few cancellations as possible. 

If a student is unable to attend class, he or she will receive an e-mail from the teacher with the assignments. In this way, the student can work on the material independently. 

Complaints, grouping, etc. 
If you are not happy with something during the course, please report it immediately. We will make every effort to correct any deficiencies immediately. Suggestions benefit all students. If a child does not feel comfortable in a group, please report it. We can reassign if there is room. If your child speaks only High German, please let us know by email. 

Illness of the teacher
Should a teacher fall ill, the course will be taken over on that day by another experienced teacher who teaches at the Lern-Forum on a different day or location and is available in terms of time.

Teaching aids
The teaching materials given to the students are included in our courses. We have proven and excellent practice materials. The teaching aids included in the course are only allowed for use within the booked course.

Copyright and other rights
The Lern-Forums reserves all rights to its own teaching aids, course concepts, teaching materials, and programs.

It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, pass on or use the course documents elsewhere, even in part. Any use requires the express written consent of Learning and Language Systems Mühlebach AG.

Law and place of jurisdiction
Swiss law is applicable. The place of jurisdiction for disputes arising from the contract is Zurich. By registering for a course, parents agree to the "General Terms and Conditions". Where nothing has been agreed, the Swiss Code of Obligations shall apply.

Entry into force
The general terms and conditions come into force as of 30.03.2016Status 30.03.2024


Course prevention

Children react differently to the stresses of everyday life. Some children, especially in the fall and winter, often sick and are slow to recover from colds and flu-like infections. It is annoying when a child is therefore prevented from attending the course. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cancellations at short notice. Therefore, please remember to include, if necessary, an insurance policy, which compensates you for the costs incurred if you are prevented from attending the course.