Gymnasium preparation 1st Sec.

Why start so early with gymi preparation?

Swiss students have several options for getting their Matura. While the first path leads after primary school via the long-term gymnasium, the second leads via secondary school and the short-term gymnasium. Instead of the short-term gymnasium, it is of course also possible to do a vocational apprenticeship followed by a vocational Matura. In addition, after secondary school, many children also take the path to the specialized secondary school (FMS), the business secondary school (HMS) or the IT secondary school (IMS).

In any case, the secondary school preparation course pays off. Here, your children will not only be prepared individually and effectively for the upcoming time in the next school level, but will also receive our comprehensive gymi preparation 1st sec. This way, you ensure your children the best prospects for the further course of life and their later professional career.

After all, a good school-leaving qualification opens up countless opportunities for your children in Switzerland and beyond, giving them complete freedom to decide in which field they want to pursue a career. They can do an apprenticeship, but also attend colleges and universities. Especially in the ever faster changing professional world, having as many alternatives as possible is a great advantage.

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With our pre-course sec. 1 you ensure the best future for your children

In the Zurich school system, the transition to a gymnasium or a technical school is always subject to a corresponding entrance examination. This so-called Gymiprüfung (gymi exam) usually takes place every year in March, where many thousands of Swiss students have to solve a wide variety of tasks from different subject areas. Passing the exam depends on both the respective goals and the previous performance levels of the participants.

Although your children should normally get prepared for the Gymi exam in their school classes, this preparation is usually not enough. It is a fact that in recent years often half of all participants have failed the exam, closing the doors to the popular gymnasium school career for many children.

At the Lern-Forum in Zurich, however, we are convinced that this does not have to be the case! Therefore, we have been offering different preparation courses for the central entrance exam very successfully for many years. Not only do the participants perform significantly better in the exam, but afterwards they are usually very happy to have taken advantage of this opportunity of additional preparation. Therefore, you should also support your children and register them for the gymi preparation 1st sec. at the Lern-Forum in Zurich.

Effective secondary school pre-course to prepare for gymnasium (1st sec.)

Through our many years of experience with a wide variety of Swiss students and a wide variety of preparation requirements, we know exactly what is important. We employ competent and experienced teachers who work with constantly updated materials and exercises to ensure that our pre-secondary school course is the ideal gymi preparation 1st sec.

Ensure that your child is optimally prepared for the next school level at an early stage. It doesn't matter whether your child wants to attend the gymnasium, the specialized school, the commercial school, or the IT school. Thanks to our versatile and proven learning concepts, we always prepare your children ideally for their future school career. So, take the opportunity and register your children in time for the pre-course secondary school at the Lern-Forum Zurich!

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CourseLevelStarting dateTimeLocationDetailsCost CHFAvailable
1. Wo Sommerferien
Fundament Math/D/F
Ende 1. Kl. Sek.15.07.24 - 19.07.2409:00 - 12:00Zürich StadelhoferplatzDetails 980.-- many Register
4. Wo Sommerferien
Fundamentkurs Math/D/F
Ende 1. Kl. Sek.05.08.24 - 09.08.2409:00 - 12:00Zürich StadelhoferplatzDetails 980.-- many Register
5. Wo Sommerferien
Fundament Math/D/F
Ende 1. Kl. Sek.12.08.24 - 16.08.2409:00 - 12:00Zürich StadelhoferplatzDetails 980.-- many Register
5. Wo Sommerferien online
Fundament Math/D/F
Ende 1. Kl. Sek.12.08.24 - 16.08.2409:00 - 12:00Zu HauseDetails 980.-- many Register
Samstag (16 mal)
1. Sek Vorkurs Math | D | F | E
1. Kl. Sek.ab 07.09.2411:30 - 14:00Zürich Stadelhofen MühlebachDetails 2740.-- many Register
Mittwoch (16 mal)
1. Sek Vorkurs Math | D | F | E
5. Klasse25.09.2413:30 - 16:00Zürich Stadelhofen MühlebachDetails 2740.-- many Register

Develop basic skills in mathematics and German

We work on the basics of core competencies in languages and mathematics. This way we create the foundation for exam success.

Course Objectives:




Effect of the pre-course for 1st grade secondary school students

Many parents are always wondering when the right time is to prepare for the next grade.

The child should learn that regular and constant practice ultimately leads to success. This way, there are no gaps and if there are still deficits, they can be closed without time pressure. The truth is that teachers prefer good students and promote them. The best students in class can therefore even expand their lead.

If the teachers at the end of the 1st grade of secondary school feel that your child belongs in the gymnasium, they can benefit from the special promotion. The child gains attention and self-confidence from the teachers. If the student understands the material, the joy of school increases. Homework is no longer a torment but serves to consolidate and confirm skills.

At the request of many parents, we offer a pre-course for students in the 1st grade. The material is covered without any gaps and the grades increase with self-confidence.

As usual, our courses are tightly organized, led by excellent and motivated teachers and take place in a central location near Stadelhofen train station.

Specially prepared course material with solutions included.

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Essay training

Essay writing plays a central role in every entrance examination or gymnasium examination.

At school, students write very few essays and sometimes none at all.

This makes it all the more important to write texts regularly according to specifications.

The entrance examination for the Gymnasium requires a wide range of skills:

  • Writing a text on a given topic
  • Writing down thoughts in a logical and comprehensible manner
  • Mastering sentence structure and style
  • Spelling & punctuation

The technique of writing essays can be learned.

Why not start practising right away?

Have your essay corrected by us

Intensive essay course during the holidays

Pre-course for 1st sec. gymnasium preparation

Ensure early preparation for the next school level (Gymnasium/FMS/HMS/IMS) for your child.

The preparatory course Sec 1 helps your child with the Gymi examination 2021 Spring, summer and Saturday courses starting in April


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