Online course at home

Setup before the course

  • The courses take place in your home in front of the computer.
  • Students need a quiet place without noise with a desk or table.
  • No loud noises should be audible.
  • Students should get ready and open the link before class time.

Technical equipment

  • Computer with internet connection and camera
  • Cell phone with Whatsapp to send assignments to the teacher
  • Writing utensils, ruler, compasses, calculator

Students see each other in the virtual classroom and can talk directly to the teacher. It is therefore important to prepare and sit down at a table. Please do not appear in front of the camera unkempt in your pajamas!

Normally we send you the course material in paper form. When studying for the oral entrance exam to the Gymnasium, you will exceptionally need a printer to print out the exercises. You do not need a graphics tablet.


Our technical equipment

How does the online-course work?

Almost like a classroom.

  1. The students receive a link by e-mail - with just one click, the student is in the virtual classroom.
  2. All pupils see each other and can talk to each other.
  3. The teacher can give the students additional teaching materials and additional exercises to download as needed.
  4. Then the lesson begins: the teacher explains the material and the students solve the exercises on paper at home.