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We correct the essays according to the guidelines of the entrance exams to the long-term or short-term gymnasium!

Essay writing is an important part of many entrance exams nowadays. A good grade in an essay, for example, is essential for passing the entrance examination to the Gymnasium or the BMS. At every level, students should be able to express themselves in writing in a way that is appropriate for their age and to put their views, experiences, feelings, and thoughts on paper. Writing essays not only tests students' linguistic development, but also their intellectual maturity.

Unfortunately, however, writing is often neglected in school, and so students experience disappointment after the entrance exam because their text was graded poorly and, as a result, some of them even fail to pass the exam exists. Many students dread essay writing because they do not know what is required of them and how to write a good essay.

It is important that students start practicing writing good essays as early as possible. With our essay tool, this is possible! Submit an essay to us and receive an accurate correction with a comprehensive written report that includes error analysis and concrete suggestions for improvement. In addition, the essay will be given a grade based on the grading system of the cantonal gymnasium.

Important for the choice of topic:

The completion of a given assignment constitutes a large part of the essay grade. The student's ability to adequately complete a given assignment is evaluated. In order not to receive a grade deduction, the aspects of the assignment must be completely and correctly put on paper. Therefore, do not submit essays without the assignment in hand. Always choose a given topic, not one of your own choosing. Only in this way it is possible to issue a report that corresponds to the evaluation system of high schools.

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Good written expression is not only crucial for students who want to pass an entrance exam.
Confidence and eloquence in language expression are also decisive for a successful application. It is never too late to improve your language skills. With a flawless and skillful expression you will stand out from the crowd. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Duration of the correction:

After one week, you will receive the corrected essay by e-mail.

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The solution? - Practice, practice, practice!

Practice makes perfect! If you want to write well, you have to write often. This is not about memorization, but about practice and trial and error, developing language skills and a sense of the characteristics of a "good essay." 

Students are often confused because they don't know what is required of them.

Students can solve all these questions through our essay tool with e-learning. Students can upload their essay on this page. Then it will be corrected and graded by experienced specialists. However, students do not just get a grade, but a detailed commentary telling them how the given evaluation came about. This way they can identify their strengths and weaknesses and find out what makes a "good essay"!

Step by Step to better Essays

With our unique essay tool a student can learn step by step how to write good essays. The essay written at home is photographed or scanned and thus saved on your PC. Then at any time you can upload on our site. Our experienced Employees correct the essay and send it to you by email. In addition, you will also receive a extensive commentary, in which the essay grade is explained in detail. This gives students valuable Tips on how to write a good essay. 

You can register with us free of charge. If your child has written an essay, upload it. You pay only for the essays you want corrected. There are no fixed subscription costs. For the correction of 1 essay pay CHF 84.--, when you are about to 4 Essays pay in advance, it will only cost you CHF 305.-- 

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Text writing

On the entrance exam for the short-track gymnasium, students must write a short essay in French. This makes many students nervous because they are not used to composing texts in French. They often make the mistake of translating German sentences into French. This is not only inelegant, but also frequently wrong.

A French text must have specific syntax and appropriate phrasing. Writing correctly requires practice. Using our Essay Tool, your child can practice writing in French from the comfort of her own home.

Things to pay attention to: