Preparation for long grammar school

Preparatory courses for long grammar school

Almost all children in the 6th grade elementary school have small gaps in the school material. In the entrance exam, you have to fight for every point and not give away any points unnecessarily.

In our preparation courses for the long grammar school, each topic is thoroughly repeated and consolidated so that students can master the school material off the cuff and easily recall it in the exam. In the exam, the material is asked in a blended form. Students must be able to immediately match the task to the correct subject. The child's intelligence plays an important role, but diligence in preparation is also an important ingredient that can lead to a successful entrance exam.

It is often claimed that the material was only poorly covered in school or not covered at all. It may also be that students have forgotten some topics again. Essay writing is neglected in elementary school, so the structure and style of an essay are foreign to students. In the entrance examination, a text must be written on a specific topic and the essay is evaluated according to whether the student has responded to the topic and whether he or she can express himself or herself in writing in German. Essay writing is not a talent, but can be trained through targeted essay instruction. In our in-school courses, essays are corrected with a comprehensive review and graded based on the entrance exam scale.

In our preparation courses, each topic is worked on in small groups using specific exercises. Each child can ask questions immediately, and the task is explained to them individually. In this way, it is possible to respond to and encourage each child. If he understands the material, the motivation to learn more increases. The child gains self-confidence and school grades improve. Good students are justifiably proud of their achievements.

Because even if the entrance examination for the long grammar school was narrowly missed, students still start secondary school with good prerequisites. Then it is open to them again to try the exam after the second or third grade sec. Consistent performance and avoiding gaps are important. That is why many students book our preliminary course for the first sec after the sixth grade. The better the grades, the easier it is for their child to go to school.

Why should you go to long grammar school?

In the canton of Zurich, the long grammar school has a long tradition. Particularly inquisitive and bright children are encouraged to enter the long grammar school directly after 6th grade elementary school, without the detour via secondary school.

Once the child has passed the Gymi exams, nothing stands in the way of his university education. Actually, it is pointless to plan the child's life and education so early. Because already in puberty the child develops its own desires and makes its own decisions, so that the child can be influenced, but no longer controlled.

Still, most parents want to give their child the best education, assuming that an excellent education offers freedom in career choice and a financially secure future. Continuous learning in adult life opens new doors in other professional fields.

Knowing the importance of a sound education, more and more private schools are offering expensive Matura courses that not all parents can afford.

The main advantage of the cantonal long grammar schools is that for parents they are free of charge. This is also the reason why there is a big rush to Zurich's high schools every year. The places are limited and not all students who want to go to high school can be admitted.

Long grammar school entrance exam

The entrance exam for the long grammar school forms a hurdle that not all children take. The first selection takes place. In German, text comprehension, grammar and essay writing, including spelling, are tested, and in Mathematics, complex text problems. Children of academic parents have a clear advantage here, since in such families the vocabulary of everyday conversations is more varied and complex topics are discussed at the table. Academic parents know the privileges of a university education.

Insight into our course material

In our courses, we use our own developed course material. 

Clearly structured, excellently built, exceptional design

  1. Theory
  2. simple exercises for understanding
  3. more difficult exercises for exam preparation
  4. Examination tasks

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Long grammar school essay training

  • 5 essays (26 course days)
  • 4 Essays (18 course days)
  • 3 Essays (16 course days)
  • 2 Essays (14 course days)
  • 1 Essay (10 course days).

We discuss the composition, structure and choice of content and carefully correct the essay. At the beginning of the course, students write more essays. Towards the end, we focus on solving the exam questions.
We are always up to date and always adapt our course folder to the latest requirements.

Short-term gymnasium

We also practice for the short-term gymnasium entrance examination, and at the same time the students learn an efficient working technique so that they can solve the tasks independently.

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Course structure

Insight course material

Our tailor-made course material is continuously adapted to the current requirements of the Central Entrance Examination.

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Many children engaged in sports are busy with competitions, football matches, etc. on Saturday. By popular request we now also offer preparation courses on Sundays.

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Gym preparation with milestones

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Our milestone program now offers students the new opportunity to prepare flexibly through guided self-study.

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Our teachers

The preparatory courses for long-term high school are taught partly by trained primary school teachers and partly by outstanding students with teaching experience. The progress of the group is discussed and deficiencies are corrected immediately.

Our team

Course material

We are well equipped and provide supplementary exercises with solutions to deepen the material, old gymnasium examination and the latest teaching materials. The course folder is supplemented every year and adapted to the requirements. 

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