Preparing to enter the district school

The path to the future starts early.

When students enter district school, all doors are open to them. They can later enter Gymnasium (Kantonschule) and get the Matura certificate. Entering the Bezirksschule is particularly important, because it is nearly impossible to transfer to Gymnasium from regular secondary school.

There is no entrance examination in the canton of Aargau. Transfer from the 6th year of primary to Bezirksschule or secondary school is determined solely by recommendation. In order to receive a recommendation from the teacher, a student must show consistently good performance. A high score on Check P5, which is given in the 2nd semester of the 5th year, is also important.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide students with timely and professional support during this first step into their futures. We help students create a foundation of knowledge so they can start the Bezirksschule with confidence. 

Parent meeting

After the spring holiday, the selection process begins. Parents are invited to a meeting with the teacher. At the end of the meeting, the teacher lets the parents know which school level their child is being recommended for.


  • Vorbereitungskurse Bez-Sek
  • Empfehlungsverfahren
  • Check P5
  • Anforderungen
  • Keine Empfehlung - und jetzt?






A new method of evaluating progress

Over the course of two weeks in September, the assessment tests Check P3 and Check P5 are held. The Checks are given to all 3rd and 5th year primary students in the cantons of Aargau, Basel-Landschaft, Basel-Stadt, and Solothurn. The didactical concept behind the Checks and more info about the quiestions can be found at 

What are these test exactly, and how to they affect your child's education?



Entering Bez. - Requirements


 In our prep courses, we reliably prepare students to enter Bezirksschule.

Changing track in the upper level

Many parents become very anxious when their children do not make it into Bezirksschule after the end of 6th year, and must enter secondary school after the summer holiday. Now is not the time to give up! It is possible to change schools during the upper level! Since the 2016/2017 school year, the following new rules are have been in effect:

What does this mean?
It is important not to throw in the towel if the meeting with your child's 6th-year teacher does not go as desired. Au contraire! Investing in your child's education is more important than ever. Your child may be able to improve his or her school performance so markedly that he or she is in fact recommended for Bezirksschule. Or, you may be able to provide a solid foundation for switching from secondary to Bez. without losing time!

Ready for Bezirksschule?

The decision to admit a child to Bez. is not based solely on marks.
The following qualities should be evident:

Preparation for Bezirksschule and secondary school

There are no longer any entrance exams for these schools; entry into the Bez. or secondary is based solely on recommendations. Those who wish to attend Bez. must show consistent good performance and do particularly well on the Check P5. Our courses are tailored perfectly to the recommendation process.

New: prep courses for Bezirksschule

The decision about which school your child will attend is made early in their 6th year of primary school.

Book our prep courses for the Bezirksschule so that your child will achieve high marks on his or her semester report.

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When is secondary school the right fit?

Was your child not recommended for Bezirksschule despite having good marks?

Your child may have revised intently for exams and you may have always supported him or her. Why would the teacher then recommend sec. school despite your child having a 5?

For these reasons, the teacher may think Bezirksschule is the best fit.