Gymnasium Preparation 5th Grade

Why start gymnasium preparation so early?

From the 5th grade of primary school onwards, the topic of transferring to a gymnasium usually arises for the first time for both parents and children. It makes sense to deal with this decision at an early stage, because the entrance examination should not be taken lightly. But when is the right time to start preparing for the Gymi exam? Is it too late to start learning in the 6th grade?

Many parents believe that the earlier you start preparing, the higher the chance that you will succeed. We are also convinced: practice makes perfect. But just as important as preparation and intelligence is the child's will and drive to pass the entrance exam and attend a gymnasium. The goal of our courses that run parallel to regular school is therefore to promote the interest, diligence and motivation of the students and thus make them ready for the entrance examination.

It often happens that students show gaps in the subject material at a very early age, which can be difficult to fill later on. Therefore, a preparation course starting in the 5th grade is quite useful and in some cases even necessary. In the preparation course from the 5th grade onwards, the subject matters that the students have not or only insufficiently internalized in regular lessons are repeated, practiced and consolidated.

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Gymnasium preparation from the 5th grade

Thanks to small teaching groups of a maximum of eight participants, the students can be individually supported, and gaps can be filled optimally. The increased performance level of the course helps your child gain the confidence, self-discipline and enjoyment of learning needed in order to successfully pass the gymnasium entrance examination and leads to better school performance and preliminary grades in the 6th year of primary school. This makes it much easier for your child to enter the gymnasium, as the preliminary grades contribute 50% to the final result of the Gymi exam.

Our course material is continuously adjusted to the current requirements and curriculum and adapted to the appropriate school level. The course not only aims to consolidate the subjects of mathematics and German, but also attaches great importance to teaching proven learning strategies. With the help of goal-oriented exercises and competent support from the teachers, students are taught abstract thinking and the correct application of the learning material. An important part of the course is also the teaching of essays, as this is often neglected in the lower grades. The ability to write meaningful texts is a central criterion for passing the Gymi exam and is developed step by step during the course. The children learn to express themselves better and to write an essay in a formally correct way.

The preparation course for the Gymi from the 5th grade onwards creates a strong base to seamlessly build upon during 6th grade with the targeted Gymi preparation. Students also have the opportunity to further develop and train their knowledge and skills in our holiday intensive courses.

Effect of the preliminary course for 5th grade students

The child should learn that regular and constant practice will ultimately lead to success. This way the student has no gaps and if there are still deficits, these can be closed without time pressure. The truth is that the teachers prefer good students and encourage them. The best students in the class can therefore extend their lead.

When the teachers see their child at the end of the 5th grade in the gymnasium, he or she can benefit from the special support. The child gains attention and self-confidence from the teachers. Thanks to the preliminary course your child masters the material of the 5th grade. If the student understands the material, the joy of the school increases. Homework is no longer a torture, but rather serves to consolidate and confirm the child's skills.

By popular request of parents, we offer a preliminary course for students in the 5th grade. In this way, your child starts the 6th grade with a head start and achieves good preliminary grades for the entrance examination to the gymnasium.

As usual, our courses are tightly organized, led by excellent and motivated teachers and take place in a central location near Stadelhofen train station.

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  • Course information
  • Course content

CourseLevelStarting dateTimeLocationDetailsCost CHFAvailable
1. Wo Sommerferien
Fundamentkurs Vorkurs Math/Deutsch
Ende 5. Klasse15.07.24 - 19.07.2409:00 - 12:00Zürich StadelhoferplatzDetails 980.-- many Register
4. Wo Sommerferien
Fundamentkurs Vorkurs Math/Deutsch
Ende 5. Klasse05.08.24 - 09.08.2409:00 - 12:00Zürich Stadelhofen MühlebachDetails 980.-- many Register
5. Wo Sommerferien
Fundamentkurs Math/Deutsch
Ende 5. Klasse12.08.24 - 16.08.2409:00 - 12:00Zürich Stadelhofen MühlebachDetails 980.-- many Register
Samstag (16 mal)
Vorkurs Math/Deutsch 5. Klasse
5. Klasseab 07.09.2411:20 - 13:30Zürich Stadelhofen MühlebachDetails 2740.-- many Register
Mittwoch (16 mal)
Vorkurs Math/Deutsch 5. Klasse
5. Klasseab 25.09.2413:30 - 16:00Zürich Stadelhofen MühlebachDetails 2740.-- many Register

Course contents Pre-course 5th grade

Acquire basic competences in mathematics and German

Content Mathematics

  • Numbers ranging up to 1 million
  • Basic arithmetic operations in written and semiwritten form (multiplication, division, addition and subtraction)
  • Calculating with fractions
  • Geometric figures and objects
  • Calculating with sizes and masses
  • Factual tasks and problem solving in text form

Content German:

  • Essay teaching: What do I write about a topic? How do I write an essay?
  • Reading comprehension: Interpret an age-appropriate text and answer questions
  • Grammar: Verbs (incl. tenses), nouns (incl. Fälle), adjectives (incl. comparative, superlative)
  • Rules for spelling: punctuation, capitalization, hyphenation

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Essay training 5th grade

Early and systematic preparation enables consistent school performance at a high level.

This is especially true when writing essays. Learn now for the 2022 Gymi Exam!

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Exam simulation Gymi exam

This is an exam that students are guaranteed not to be familiar with, since we create the exam ourselves, and it gives students the opportunity to experience a realistic exam situation. In addition, both students and parents receive a realistic assessment of the learning level.

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Gymnasium preparation holiday courses

Summer holiday:

Foundation Course - Repetition of the 5th Grade

Autumn holiday:

Basic course - repetition and consolidation

Sport holiday course:

Exam preparation course - practice exam tasks and exam techniques

daily 3 x 60 min.
Fr. 920.-- inkl. Material

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Gymnasium preparation with milestones

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