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Registration of Mathematics course

CourseLevelStarting dateTimeLocationDetailsCost CHFAvailable
4. Wo Sommerferien
Mathematik Probezeitvorkurs
8./9. Klasse05.08.24 - 09.08.2410:30 - 12:30Zürich StadelhoferplatzDetails 880.-- many Register
5. Wo Sommerferien
Mathematik Probezeitvorkurs
8./9. Klasse12.08.24 - 16.08.2411:15 - 13:15Zürich StadelhoferplatzDetails 880.-- many Register
Samstag (14 mal)
Gymivorbereitung NUR Mathematik
6. Klasse21.09.2411:20 - 13:30Zürich Stadelhofen MühlebachDetails 2640.-- many Register
1. Wo Herbstferien
Mathematik Probezeit
1. Kl. Langgymi07.10.24 - 11.10.2414:30 - 16:30Zürich Stadelhofen MühlebachDetails 840.-- many Register
2. Wo Herbstferien
Mathematik Probezeit
1. Kl. Langgymi14.10.24 - 18.10.2412:30 - 14:30Zürich StadelhoferplatzDetails 840.-- many Register
2. Wo Herbstferien
Mathematik Probezeit
1. Kl. Kurzgymi14.10.24 - 18.10.2412:30 - 14:30Zürich StadelhoferplatzDetails 840.-- many Register

1st class long-term gymnasium

Mathematics in middle school is challenging. Mathematical concepts, algebra, complex thinking, and a faster learning pace push some students to their limits. In the fall break course, we review and reinforce school material using modern learning techniques. Efficiency is required, not hours of practice!

Practice skills - solve the problem

The subject of Mathematics requires skills (repeated practice to become faster - the mathematical craft) and abilities to solve mathematical problems (complex, more difficult tasks that require cognitive skills - intelligence).

1. Class short gymnasium

The entrance exam has been passed - now the student has to prove himself/herself at the gymnasium and pass the probationary period.

Many students find it difficult to learn at a fast pace and to think systematically. Every mathematical step must be checked for correctness before it is applied, i.e. proven. One no longer learns Mathematics by rote through lengthy practice.

In the short gymnasium taster course, students learn skills (binomials, double fractions, etc.) on one hand, and on the other hand, we learn how to copy, think along, and listen to other students' questions, i.e. how to think systematically in Mathematics.

Students will receive a course folder with sufficient practice material to cover the material covered during the probationary period.

Mathematics Preliminary Course

for Short Term High School / technical BMS

The test period is approaching with great strides, and mathematics is often a fearful opponent. With us, students learn how to prepare properly for the exams and, in addition to a thorough repetition and consolidation of the previous material, they also learn how to solve more advanced tasks. In the learning forum we do not look back, but forward. We therefore prepare students in our courses optimally for the coming school years, so that they can also master this next step on the path to success with flying colors..

Learning Goal:

The main goal of the course is for the student to get a solid foundation of the previous material, and develop independent problem solving skills. The student will learn a confident approach to difficult terms, equations, fraction terms, binomials. Likewise, the student will learn the teaching method of high school / technical BMS.

The decisive Year

In the 6th grade, the dice are cast for placement in the upper school. The goal is to reach the highest possible achievement level, i.e. either into the long-term Gymnasium or into the Sek.

Evidence shows that the environment and classmates play a crucial role on the incentive to perform and children develop healthy ambition.

Mathematics repetition End of 5th grade Primary school

After the elementary school, the students are divided into performance levels for the first time. The good students go on to the grammar school or the district school, where all possibilities for further education are open to them.

In order to get off to the best possible start in the 6th grade, the basic knowledge must be in place. This is the only way for the student to stay on the ball and gain self-confidence.

Preparation Maturity Examination

The Matura is just around the corner and you want to put the finishing touches on your math skills? Then you have come to the right place! We offer you professionally guided Matura preparation courses in which you can complete your mathematics knowledge.

For a good Matura - the decisive step towards a successful future.

Maturity preparation courses for Mathematics

Flyer Maturity preparation course

Course times:

In the spring and summer vacations the courses always take place between 9 and 13 h.
It may be that we need to change the times.
Please keep time free between 9 and 13 h.

Mathematics Course

Mathematics course at Lern-Forum Zurich for more success at high school

As part of our repetition and probation courses, we at Lern-Forum Zürich naturally also offer a mathematics course for Swiss students. More precisely, it is even several courses offers for mathematics at high school, so that we can optimally support your child on the way to real success in mathematics high school.

Especially if your child wants to fulfill the dream of great education or a special course of study at a good university, good math grades are indispensable. After all, the math grade not only affects transfer and the Matura, but also leaves an impression during job interviews. Whether it's fair or not; the math grade still stands for a quick grasp and high intelligence.

Available spots and registration
Free spots

How important is high school math really for your child?

A good report card is still proof of above-average performance. Since corresponding performance is then expected not only in school but also in further training, it opens doors and facilitates the next step toward success. Many companies also attach importance to hiring employees who can solve problems independently and document their solutions in a comprehensible manner. Since the math grade usually best reflects this ability, as well as perseverance, accuracy, and independence, many Swiss companies pay particular attention to it.

Unfortunately, however, mathematics at the Gymnasium is a particular challenge for many Swiss students. In order to help your child in a targeted way, we offer our mathematics course at the Lern-Forum in Zurich. In our compact mathematics course at the Lern-Forum in Zurich, we not only repeat and consolidate the content learned so far, but also efficiently prepare the upcoming content. So enable your child to take a decisive step toward success by enrolling them in one of our math courses.

Our promise for the preparatory course in mathematics at the high school

With our mathematics course at Lern-Forum Zürich, we want to provide your child with optimal support on their academic path. To do this, we rely not only on trained and experienced teachers but also on proven and constantly updated practice materials. We always pay attention to optimal group size. The mathematics courses, therefore, consist of a maximum of eight students, so that the teachers can give all participants their full attention over the long term.

In the course of this intensive support, we take a close look at each child's individual strengths and weaknesses to ensure that your child can achieve the best possible results. In addition, we offer math courses with different focuses at Lern-Forum Zürich; but take a look for yourself!

More than just a math course to prepare for high school!

In the area of mathematics, we offer numerous courses for Swiss students at the Lern-Forum. Some of these courses prepare your child specifically for the Gymiprüfung or the Matura, others help with the transition to a new school level or in the probationary period. No matter what age and grade your child is currently in; at Lern-Forum in Zurich, you will always find the perfect math course for your child.

Our Mathematics Bridge Course, for example, is designed to prepare your child for the transition to a short-term high school or vocational high school. The probationary period mathematics course, on the other hand, helps your child to get through the probationary period at the Gymnasium. In addition, we support students in repeating the material of the 1st sec. as well as the 2nd sec. A. Our mathematics courses are offered as vacation courses as well as quarterly courses. - Please take a closer look at our different courses at the Lern-Forum Zurich to find the right offer for your child!

Available spots and registration
Free spots

Probationary period 1st class Long Grammar School

Courses during the Autumn Vacations

Sec. 1 A

Repetition of the material of the 1st sec.


  • Number theory
  • Terms
  • Equations
  • Text problems
  • Simple statistics


  • Symmetry mapping
  • Angles
  • Triangles

2. sec. A

Repetition of the material.



  • Fractions
  • Terms / Fraction equations
  • Proportions
  • Performance tasks


  • Triangles and quadrilaterals
  • Cubes and cuboids
  • Symmetry properties
  • Pythagoras

Bridge Course - Pre-Course Short Grammar School / BMS

Gain speed + safety



  • Double fractions
  • Terms
  • Binomials
  • Equations


Bridge course Mathematics of the 1st semester short term high school

Holiday and quarterly courses

Consolidate the material

During the holidays, we run group courses in

French (formal grammar, text comprehension, text production)

Mathematics (grade separated sec./ Gymn.)

German (grade-separated 5th/6th primary/secondary)

Latin (beginners) (long-term gymnasium)

English (grammar, conversation, sec. A)

Spelling / Essay (Primary school students)

All subjects are bookable individually, duration 2 hours per subject daily