Vocational, business and IT school exam preparation

for the entrance exams to vocational (BMS), business (HMS) and IT school (IMS)

Students in the final year of both district and secondary schools are eligible for admission to BMS. This is done either by means of an appropriate transfer grade (4.4 for district pupils, 5.3 for secondary pupils) or by means of an entrance examination at the end of the final year.

The BMS entrance examination is the only entrance examination that can be taken at the end of the final year. For all other entrance examinations (FMS, IMS, WMS/HMS, Gymnasium) there is a 1-year waiting period.

Customized preparation for the vocational school entrance exam

We offer high quality prep courses specifically for vocational (BMS), business (HMS) and IT school (IMS). Experience has shown that our courses not only increase the chances of passing the entrance exam, but also improve overall grades. This can positively influence the recommendation for the advanced upper-level as well!

New: Courses in the Canton of Aargau for adv. & intermediary upper-level students as well as young adults (apprenticeship graduates).

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Registration for BMS prep course


Exam Information

The exam for vocational school (BMS) 1 will take place on Friday, June 20, 2020.

The exam for vocational school (BMS) 2 will take place on Saturday, March 7, 2020.*

(*We recommend that those who are interested in a course and would like to attend vocational school 2 take a holiday course or a course in the Canton of Zurichbecause the quarterly course in the Canton of Aargau is scheduled around the vocational school 1 exam date.)

Official Information from the Department of Education:

Vocational School Entrance Requirements
Vocational School General Information

BMS - Advantages

With a vocational Matura you are qualified twice. At the end of BMS, you receive both a vocational diploma and a vocational Matura qualification, which open many doors to further educational opportunities.

Furthermore, the entrance exam for BMS is the only one that can be taken directly upon completing secondary or Bezirksschule. The other exams for FMS, IMS, HMS/WMS and Gymnasium have a one-year waiting period, meaning the exams cannot be taken until one year after completion of sec. or Bez.

More information about BMS can be found here.

Entrance exam

The entrance exam consists of the following subject tests:

The average of the exam scores for French and English is the foreign language score. To pass the exam, a student needs to achieve an average of at least 4.0 and not receive more than one score under 4 for the three subjects (German, maths, foreign languages). The average is rounded to one decimal point.

The entrance exams are organised through the vocational schools. More information about registration, preparation, exam times and locations are available through the respective school.

BMS - The way to success

Both Bez. and secondary students with good to excellent marks can now enter a variety of upper-level schools without entrance exams. Those who do not achieve the necessary marks must take an exam. The entrance exam for BMS is the only one that can be taken during the last year of Bez./sec.! For all other schools (Gymi, FMS, IMS, HMS/WMS) there is a one-year waiting period!

Info line for BMS prep

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