Gymnasium prep with milestones

Flexible Gymnasium prep with milestones

In our "Gymi prep with milestones" course, students use Lern-Forum's tried-and-tested course materials.

Even when students are studying independently or with help from their parents, it is important for them to receive regular feedback about their progress from experienced teachers.

Every course day, students take a small test. The test results highlight areas where they can focus and improve.

  • in-class learning days (once a month)
  • Short tests to assess progress (every course day)
  • 3 corrected essays with thorough feedback
  • 1 realistic mock exam

The phase of preparation for the entrance examination to the Gymnasium is an intensive time for the students. In addition to the normal challenges of everyday school life, there are many hours of studying for the exam. Many children do not have time to attend an external course every week in addition to preparing at school. 

This is where preparation with milestones comes in handy. The students prepare themselves independently with the proven documents and specially produced explanatory videos. They can check their learning success on the milestone course days, which take place every 4 weeks (four times in total).

  • Meilenstein-Gymivorbereitung
  • Vorbereitungspaket
  • Simulationsprüfung
  • Entscheidungshilfe

Registration for Gymi prep with milestone

CourseLevelStarting dateTimeLocationFlyerDetailsCost CHFAvailable
Samstag (4 mal)
2./3. Sek.29.10.2212:30- 16:30Zürich KreuzplatzDownloadDetails 1690.-- many Register
Samstag (4 mal)
6. Primar05.11.2212:30- 16:30Zürich KreuzplatzDownloadDetails 1690.-- many Register


Cost for the whole prep package: Fr. 1'490.--

Exam Simulation

In order to pass the actual exam, students must learn how to cope with the nervousness and uncertainty they may feel during test situations.

Our simulation exam  allows course participants to experience the exam process and get a clear idea of what to expect on the day of the actual exam. This way students are not surprised by an unfamiliar situation and can prepare accordingly.

Milestone benefits

Milestone benefits
Weekly course (19, 15 or 10 times)

Flexible study schedule

- Students are less time-bound

- Weekends can remain reserved for family activities

- Less time spent travelling

Strict focus on exam material

- Only material required for the exam is reviewed

- For example, no binomials, no passé
composé/imparfait, no pronoun types, etc.

How does the course work?

Students prepare independently using our reliable Lern-Forum study materials and instructional videos. The 4 milestone course days allow students to track their study progress and ask any questions they may have. The course package includes the correction of 4 essays as well as a final simulation exam.

Individual instruction

- Small groups (max. 8 students; milestone prep courses have up to 12)

- Teachers have time to specifically respond to each student

Comprehensive Material

- Exam prep plus a look at the material that will be covered during the probationary period

- Presentation of the material is holistic and balanced (students learn the connections between the material as well)

How does the course work?

Students participate in the course every week (except during holidays) and receive their own course folder with learning materials. Homework is given every week,and students turn in multiple essays for correction. Halfway through the course, each student receives an individual assessment so that he or she has time to improve if necessary.

Efficient Preparation

Essay writing

Since the German grade is weighted at 40% in the entrance examination to the Gymnasium, linguistic expression, text interpretation and grammar are more important than ever in the preparation.

We regularly write essays in the courses and a specialized team corrects, evaluates and grades them.

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