German as a Second Language (DaZ)

Courses for children in Zurich

Our courses help school-age children to learn German as a second language - quickly, playfully and in a way that is close to everyday life. Thanks to many practical exercises, learning is fun and at the same time more effective than just memorizing vocabulary. Courses are held in small groups and our experienced teachers personally take care to help each individual child progress - no matter how well they already know the German language.

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Arrive faster in the new home

It is difficult to make friends in a new environment without knowing the language. For example, if you move in from abroad or grew up in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and are now supposed to speak German as a foreign language.

This is especially true for children. Making friends, mastering school, getting around in public - for this it is necessary to have more than just basic knowledge.

This is why we focus our courses specifically on the language skills that children need.

German as a second language

CourseLevelStarting dateTimeLocationDetailsCost CHFAvailable
DaZ-Kurs Primar
4.-6. Klasse29.05.2413:30 - 15:30Details 880.-- many Register
DaZ-Kurs Primar
4.-6. Klasse01.06.2409:00 - 10.45Zürich Stadelhofen MühlebachDetails 820.-- many Register
DaZ-Kurs Sek.
1./2. Sek.01.06.2410:45 - 12.30Details 760.-- many Register

How our course “German as a second language (DaZ)” works

Our approach follows three principles: Everyday life, practical and playful.

Close to everyday life, because we focus on the things that play a role in real life from the very beginning. This helps young people learn quickly how to introduce themselves and communicate with other people. Speaking skills are important to us because they make up a large part of the participation, especially in the first years of school. It is also indispensable for conversations on the schoolyard in order to make friends.

Practical, because many exercises build the foundation for learning success. Of course, we also teach theory and grammar. But it is only through constant repetition that what you have learned becomes firmly established in your head - you speak "fluently". We use different learning materials - written assignments, worksheets, group work - to train all aspects.

Last but not least, the children also learn through play. For example, through role-playing in the group or through child-friendly tasks with animals, dream jobs and the like. Because we believe that if learning is fun, it motivates the children to make an effort and participate.

For children in secondary school, elementary school or kindergarten

Our DaZ course is aimed at school-age children or those who will soon become school-age children. Our language support deepens the contents of the school lessons so that success can be seen even faster. However, participation in our intensive German course in Zurich is also suitable as preparation for school enrollment.

For every level

We are happy to welcome complete beginners as well as children who already speak some German. It doesn't matter whether they are foreigners or foreign language students from Switzerland.

We do not orientate ourselves to the language levels according to the European framework of reference such as A1, B1, C1, etc. Instead, our aim is to make the children fit for everyday life and give them a good feeling about the language.

Available spots and registration
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Available spots and registration
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The advantage of small groups

We work in groups in which the level of the students is different. This way, beginners can learn from the participants who already speak better German. And advanced students repeat important basics so that they are consolidated.

Moreover, learning in a group offers a great dynamic. Often friendships are formed here that remain even after the course is over.

5th grade gymnasium preparation

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