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BMS Preparation Courses in Zurich

Every year in March, the entrance examination for the vocational baccalaureate schools in Zurich takes place, the passing of which is a prerequisite for attending one of these schools. The participants have to solve numerous tasks and fulfill many other requirements.

A basic distinction is made between the Berufsmaturitätsschule 1, or BM(S) 1, and the Berufsmaturitätsschule 2, or BM(S) 2. While the former is attended by students who are simultaneously doing an apprenticeship, BM 2 can only be attended after completing an EFZ apprenticeship. BM 1 is attended one to 1.5 days per week in parallel to the vocational apprenticeship in the company. In contrast, BM 2 offers two options: Students can attend school for a full year on a regular basis or for two years on a part-time basis.

In either case, both Vocational Baccalaureate School 1 and Vocational Baccalaureate School 2 require an entrance exam, for which your children must register in advance and, if possible, prepare extensively. This is because numerous participants fail the BMS entrance exam every year. In order to spare your children this, we at the Lern-Forum have been organizing our BMS preparation for many years. We offer participants a comprehensive and constantly updated learning program that prepares them in the best possible way for the BMS entrance exam.

The BM 1 and BM 2

Registration for the BMS entrance exam

As already mentioned, your children must register for the entrance examination. If they are attending BM 1, this is possible from the last school year of secondary level 1, level A as well as B. If, on the other hand, your child is already in an apprenticeship and would like to attend BM 2 after completing it, this registration is possible from the penultimate year of apprenticeship. Here, your children have the advantage that the entrance examination is valid for two whole years, so that registration can take place one year earlier.

Contents of the BMS entrance examination

The contents of the entrance examination are based on the material of the third secondary level 1 and are divided into different subjects. Mathematics is tested for 90 minutes and includes algebra, arithmetic and geometry. German is also tested for 90 minutes and covers text comprehension and language observation as well as an essay, which takes up 60 minutes of the time. English and French also cover text comprehension and language review, as well as writing a text. The exam in these two subjects lasts 30 minutes each. Students who have chosen the specialization of design and art are additionally tested with three tasks of 60 minutes each in design.

Passing the BMS entrance exam

Once your children have written the exam, it's a case of keeping your fingers crossed and waiting for the results: A grade point average of 4.0 is considered a pass. The individual subjects are weighted differently, with the weighting depending on the subjects your children have chosen. As a rule, Mathematics and German together make up the largest part of the weighting.

Successful BMS preparation at Lern-Forum Zurich

In order to meet the diverse requirements of the BMS entrance exam, your children naturally have the option of preparing on their own or with parental support. However, this is usually not very effective, so many students resort to professional preparation. With a success rate of about 80 percent, we support students and apprentices with courses for BM 1 and BM 2 inefficient and goal-oriented preparation for the BMS entrance exam in March. The courses are taught by experienced teachers with comprehensive and up-to-date teaching materials as well as appropriate exercises. This way, your children secure the best chances for a successful professional future in Switzerland!

Examination date BMS 2023 (expected)

BMS 1 will take place on 10.3.2023

BMS 2 will take place on 18.3.2023.

Registration deadline: Friday, 20 Feb. 2023

Application form for the BMS entrance exam

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Registration for keyboarding course with certificate

Mandatory for KV before starting an apprenticeship

Why Lern-Forum?

Pupils from outside the canton

Your sports vacations do not coincide with ours?

If your sports vacations do not coincide with our dates, you can contact your school management for a permit for the course attendance. In most cases, the request is granted. 
You will receive a confirmation from us for your school.

Exam simulation

Now we also conduct an exam simulation "like real" for the BMS entrance exam.

The students become familiar with the exam situation and can assess themselves.
Our pass rate for the BMS is above average (approx. 80%).

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BM1 & BM2

The courses are suitable for BM1 and BM2.
The exam material always corresponds to the 3rd class of secondary school.

Course content BMS preparation

Supplementary Courses English & French

Increase the chances of examination: 
50% the report card grades count.

Supplementary courses

Consistently good grades on the report card count.

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