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Mathematics – the key to success

During primary school and the first year of secondary, students learn maths using the textbook Zahlenbuch. Then they switch to mathbuch.

Students no longer learn chapter by chapter, forgetting the old material once they've moved past it, but instead are taught practical concepts in a connected way.

Students used to say "I don't remember anymore; I forgot that chapter. I got poor marks in that topic, but I'll do okay with these calculations."

Mathematics with mathbuch

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Mathematical laws do not change, but teaching methods do.

Students used to learn maths chapter by chapter, but today maths is taught using the "spiral staircase system". Students are introduced to a topic and learn it using simple exercises. The topics repeat on a yearly basis.
Everyday experiences are used to explain new concepts. Everyone knows that the more apples you put on the scale at the supermarket, the more you will pay (linear function - proportionality).

Mathematics rules our lives.
The Lern-Forum brings method and fun to this fascinating subject.

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In our popular holiday and semester courses, we work in small groups. We review the material and close knowledge gaps. Learning is easier with others.