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Our years of successful French envol courses work according to the simple principle of - Success is Learnable. We do not look back but always look ahead. We therefore prepare our students in their courses optimally for the coming schooldays, consolidate the grammar, practice the language skills (Compréhensionionale et écrite) and thus form a foundation for best performance.

Our successful method is only available in the Canton of Aargau in the form of holiday courses.

The content is exactly same Envol 5 / 6 (Prélude) und Envol 7 / 8. New course for the 3rd and 4th year of study (Gymnasium).

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Vocabulary practice is necessary and inevitable, but without grammar and foreign language familiarization (oral and written comprehension) you won't get far.

When students lack the joy of French, it is important for them to "get their feet on the ground" and find their footing.

With the teaching aid "Envol" the beginning is important so that the student does not miss the connection. The grammar is hidden in the text blocks, and therefore many parents find the book lacking  "the common thread".

We offer in-school Wednesday/Saturday and vacation classes.

The learning content is exactly aligned with the Envol 5 / 6 (Prélude) and Envol 7 / 8.


French review courses during the holiday

French courses at 4 levels

Learning objectives:

Envol 5 + 6 (Prelude)

Learning objectives: Envol 7 + 8


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