First insights into the Lern-Forum at the trial days

Last year, the first of several trial days for the preparatory courses for the gymnasium took place in the Lern-Forum. The trial days offer an ideal opportunity to get a first impression of the structure and objectives of the courses and to clarify open questions. They are always conducted by the Lern-Forum during the summer so that the courses can start smoothly in the fall and there are no delays due to trial students.

The trial lessons were held in  the Lern-Forum rooms at Mühlebachstrasse 43 in Zurich. At the same time, all those interested were able to take a look at the new, centrally located classrooms, where several courses will be held starting in the fall. 

Experienced course instructors from the Lern-Forum were present, as well as many students and parents. In two lessons, the course instructors Kathrin Schmitt and Nadine Truttmann discussed various topics relevant to the exam. The experienced course instructors explained the topics using tried-and-tested Lern-Forum materials and encouraged the students to participate diligently. On Saturday morning, students concentrated on practicing three-part sentences, term transformations, and the present perfect and correct upper and lower case spelling. Parents were able to stay in the classrooms during the trial lessons and thus also experience how lessons are conducted in the Lern-Forum.

Before and after the trial lessons, information about the course and the design of the various courses was presented over coffee and cookies, many questions were answered and the documents, which are optimized every year, could be viewed. Special attention was also paid to essay correction, which has an important focus on the preparation courses represent. Parents and students were able to see a sample correction of how the detailed essay review process works in the Lern-Forum. 

Thus, a lot was learned already on this day, clarity was created, and they are already looking forward to the second trial day on August 26, 2017!

If you would also like to get to know the Lern-Forum and our courses, you can register quickly and easily for the second trial day via online registration.

On our website, you will also find the learning objectives for the entrance examination at the long term and short-term gymnasium.

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