Secondary school preparation & remedial teaching in Zurich

Help your child to ease the stressful initial period in the new school, where the pace will be significantly accelerated. In our secondary school preparation courses, we repeat important subject matters from primary school, and thus build a stable framework for the new and further learning content. And the parallel remedial teaching helps your child to keep a clear head even during the running school year.

No tutoring, but productive collaboration

In tutoring, a child learns alone with a teacher. This is different in our preparation courses: they consist of small groups of up to eight people. This is intentional, because it creates a pleasant learning atmosphere in which the children support each other. Nevertheless, we also work with all students individually to eliminate weaknesses or build on strengths.

In general, our experienced teachers combine theory and practice, but the focus is on the practical exercises, as this helps to keep what has been learned better in mind. That is why we have developed hundreds of exercises in different levels of difficulty, which can be solved alone or in a group. In addition, the children learn soft skills such as thinking along, concrete questions and taking precise notes.

Getting through the probationary period with good secondary school preparation

Especially students who undergo a probationary period at a gymnasium benefit from our supporting courses. After all, those who are well prepared for exams not only have less anxiety, but also a much better chances of passing them.

How to find the right course

At the Lern-Forum you will find preparation courses for the secondary school sorted by subject and dates.

Our holiday courses are intensive courses in which efficient preparation for high school takes place within one or a few weeks. We cover a lot of content in a short time. Thanks to special exercises for at home, learning can then be continued independently.

There are also subject-specific courses, including courses for German, English, mathematics, and French. Select one or more of these to fill any gaps in the respective subject.

High school preparation is suitable for all children who will soon be changing to the gymnasium - especially if there is a probationary period to complete. But students of BMS, IMS, FMS or HMS are also welcome.

Trial period long-term gymnasium

Holiday and quarterly courses

Consolidate the material

During the holidays, we run group courses in

French (formal grammar, text comprehension, text production).

Mathematics (grade separated sec./ Gymn.)

German(grade-separated 5th/6th primary/secondary)

Latin (beginners)(long-term gymnasium)

English (grammar, conversation, sec. A)

Spelling / Essay (Primary school students)

All subjects are bookable individually, 2 hours per subject daily

  • Long-term Gymnasium

    Courses for the preparation for the long-term gymnasium. Successful exam preparation for primary school students from 6th grade upwards into the Long-Track gymnasium.

  • Short-term Gymnasium

    Lern Forum offers preparatory courses for the short-term gymnasium in Zurich. Prepare for the short-term gymnasium entrance examination now.

  • Pre-course 4th Grade

    Vorkurs Gymivorbereitung 4. Klasse Primarschule. Mathematik und Deutsch.

  • Pre-course 5th Grade

    Gymnasium preparation for 5th year primary students. In our courses, your child will learn how to understand and interpret texts, build vocabulary, improve math knowledge, improve essay-writing and much more. Your child will be fully prepared for the 2021 entrance exam.

  • Gymnasium preparation 1st Sec.

    Gymnasium preparation courses from 1st grade secondary school. In these learning courses your child will learn how to understand and interpret age-appropriate texts, build vocabulary, essay teaching, math 1st sec., sentence tasks 1st sec.

  • Holiday Courses

    Intensive courses and holiday courses so pupils can prepare for the gymnasium entrance exam. Check out our list of holiday and intensive courses focused on the gymnasium examination.

  • Gymnasium Preparation Online

    We offer online preparation courses for BMS, short and long-track gymnasium. We also offer online courses in the subjects Math, German and essay training.

  • Mock exam

    Lern-Forum offers simulated exams so that your child can get a realistic assessment of his/her learning level and determine whether he/she is ready for the upcoming entrance examinations.

  • Gymnasium prep for individual subjects - German, maths, French
  • Essay Training

    Targeted, age-appropriate essay training for primary and secondary students. These students learn and train how to write great essays in small groups.

  • Gymi probation courses

    Gymi probationary courses and the probationary support in the gymnasium ensure that learning for the gymnasium is approached as intensively as necessary.

  • Gymi Prep Milestones

    In the course "Gymi Prep with Milestones" students work with the proven teaching materials and course folders from the Lern-Forum.

  • Gymnasium prep taster days

    In the first weeks after the summer holidays, the Lern-Forum offers taster courses in preparation for the Gymnasium and BMS for everyone.

  • Gymi exam archive ZAP
  • Exam archive

    Free gymnasium exam exercises and old tests for preparing for the 2021 entrance examination. Feel free to go through and download any files of previous gymnasium exams.

  • Exercise Material

    Here you can find our customized exercise material for free download

  • Our gymnasium preparation course material

    Our course material for gymnasium preparation. Sample exercises in mathematics, French and German. Insight into our course material.

  • Guide for the gymnasium examination

    Guide to the Gymnasium entrance examination - All information on the gymnasium examination - Central entrance examination

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Gymi exam

    We have answered a list of frequently asked questions about the gymnasium exam and BMS exam. You can post your questions here and we will answer you as soon as possible