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Our hugely successful French Envol courses are based on a simple principle – success is learnable. Therefore, we prepare our students in the best manner possible for the coming school period. We strengthen grammar skills and practice common usage of foreign language skills (compréhension orale et écrite), thereby building a good foundation for high scholastic performance.

This has proven to be an outstanding concept for putting together our courses, which can be booked as holiday courses.

New: courses using "Dis donc" 5/6

Many students continue to learn from the old French teaching material. In the transition phase, we will adjust our lessons accordingly.

We look forward to your registration.

  • Spring holiday
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Spring holiday 2020 (Tuesday - Saturday)
1st week (14/4/20 - 18/4/20)
2nd week (21/4/20 - 25/5/20)




Times (Mon - Fri)

Cost (CHF)


Envol 5 + 6 (A1) / Dis donc

Primary year 6

1st or 2nd

Exact times
are listed
on the



Envol 7/ Cours Intensif (A1+)
Dis donc

Sec. A year 1 /
Long-track Gymnasium





Envol 7 + 8 (A2)

Sec. A year 2/3





Envol 9 / Cours Intensif (B1)

Long-track Gymnasium year 2
Short-track Gymnasium year 1


2nd week no courses due to Easter

11:00 am - 1:00 pm



Competency level

Our courses teach at the following levels according to the Common European Framework for Languages:

Envol 5 + 6 A 1
Envol 7  A 1+
Envol 7 + 8 A 2
Envol 9 B 1
Maturvorbereitung B 2

French book "Dis donc"

French courses are one of our many strengths. We now also offer courses that are precisely adapted to the new book "Dic donc".

Registration for French courses during the holidays

Spots available, course dates, course times

Learning objectives:

  • Grammar
  • Comrpéhension écrite
  • Compréhension orale
  • Reading skills
  • Rédaction /Text composition

Holiday and quarterly courses:

Solidifying the material

During the last holiday week, we offer group courses in

French(formal grammar, text comprehension, text production),

Math(by level: secondary/Gymnasium)

German (by level: primary 5/6, upper level)

Latin (Beginners)(long Gymnasium)

English(grammar, conversation, secondary A)

Spelling / Essay Writing(primary students)

All subjects can be booked individually. 2 hours daily per subject

  • Long-term Gymnasium

    Courses for the preparation for the long-term high school. Successful exam preparation for primary school students from 6th grade upwards into the Long-Track Gymnasium.

  • Short-term Gymnasium

    Lern Forum offers preparatory courses for the short-term gymnasium in Zurich. Prepare for the short-term gymnasium entrance examination now.

  • Holiday Courses

    Intensive courses and holiday courses so pupils can prepare for the gymnasium entrance exam. Check out our list of holiday and intensive courses focused on the gymnasium examination.

  • Vorkurs 4. Klasse

    Vorkurs Gymivorbereitung 4. Klasse Primarschule. Mathematik und Deutsch.

  • Pre-course 5th Grade

    Gymnasium preparation for 5th year primary students. In our courses, your child will learn how to understand and interpret texts, build vocabulary, improve math knowledge, improve essay-writing and much more. Your child will be fully prepared for the 2021 entrance exam.

  • Gymnasium preparation 1st Sec.

    Gymnasium preparation courses from 1st grade secondary school. In these learning courses your child will learn how to understand and interpret age-appropriate texts, build vocabulary, essay teaching, math 1st sec., sentence tasks 1st sec.

  • Gymnasium Preparation Online

    We offer online preparation courses for BMS, short and long-track gymnasium. We also offer online courses in the subjects Math, German and essay training.

  • Mock exam

    Lern-Forum offers simulated exams so that your child can get a realistic assessment of his/her learning level and determine whether he/she is ready for the upcoming entrance examinations.

  • Essay training gymnasium preparation

    Targeted, age-appropriate essay training for primary and secondary students. These students learn and train how to write great essays in small groups.

  • Gymnasium prep taster days

    In the first weeks after the summer holidays, the Lern-Forum offers taster courses in preparation for the Gymnasium and BMS for everyone.

  • Gymi Prep Milestones

    In the course "Gymi Prep with Milestones" students work with the proven teaching materials and course folders from the Lern-Forum.

  • Oral Exam

    Lern-Forum has been offering preparatory courses for the oral gymnasium examination in German, French and mathematics for years.

  • Gymi probation courses

    Gymi probationary courses and the probationary support in the gymnasium ensure that learning for the gymnasium is approached as intensively as necessary.

  • Gymi Exam 2021

    Prep courses for Gymnasium at

  • Learning objectives for long-track Gymnasium

    Prep courses covering all relevant topics for the entrance exam. The learning objectives are based on the syllabus for Zürich primary schools.

  • Learning objectives for short-track Gymnasium prep courses

    Information on the learning objectives and the exact requirements in our prep courses for short-track Gymnasium.

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Gymi exam

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  • Exam archive

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  • Learning Objectives and Chances of Success

    Chances of success in applying to long-track Gymnasium

  • Guide for the gymnasium examination

    Guide to the Gymnasium entrance examination - All information on the gymnasium examination - Central entrance examination

  • Our gymnasium preparation course material

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