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Why take a Multicheck test?

Since interesting apprenticeships with promotion opportunities and good future prospects are very much in demand in Switzerland, employers are happy to check the qualifications of applicants with an aptitude test. These are tests that assess the skills and school knowledge of the applicants. In addition to the Basic Check, the Stellwerk Check, and in-house tests, the Multicheck is particularly popular with many employers.

It is a special aptitude test that is carried out on the computer. This gives the companies the opportunity to compare the performance of the applicants. In addition, potentials can be recognized, and school grades can be "verified". The Multicheck serves the companies above all to find the ideal applicants for their apprenticeships.

These tests provide information on academic and cognitive performance. Especially because of the easy comparability Multichecks are often used by future employers. Because in contrast to school grades which depend on many factors, aptitude tests such as Multicheck allow better conclusions to be drawn about the actual qualifications of applicants.

For this reason, most companies require their future apprentices to provide the results of these tests in addition to their grades. Therefore, a good score in the Multicheck significantly increases the probability of getting a good apprenticeship. In order for the students to achieve the best possible results in the Multicheck, we offer our Multicheck preparation course.

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Multicheck preparation course in Zurich

With the Multicheck preparation Swiss students are comprehensively prepared for the Multicheck aptitude test. The Multicheck serves many employers as an important basis to select their future apprentices, which is why especially here a good performance is very important for the applicants. With our Multicheck preparation course we help our students achieve a better test result and thus significantly increase the probability of finding a good apprenticeship.

The comprehensive Multicheck preparation is very important for better prospects for a good apprenticeship. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive program for the Multicheck preparation courses, with which we can ideally prepare the students for this vocational aptitude test. Our Multicheck preparation course in Zurich is therefore ideal for all students who do not leave their aptitude test to chance but want to prepare themselves intensively for it.

The main purpose of the Multicheck preparation is to get to know the individual areas of the aptitude test in detail. Basically, Multicheck tests three areas through different questions and problems which the participants have to solve.

In the Multicheck preparation course we focus on training these three areas in particular. They are:

  • Ability to Concentrate
  • Networked thinking
  • Intellectual skills

We go through these course objectives in detail with the students in the form of individual modules and learning sections so that the Multicheck preparation achieves the maximum effect. During the Multicheck, the time to answer all questions is limited, so that sometimes a lot of pressure is built up on the candidates. We also prepare them extensively for this, so that they can handle this particular examination situation better.

While the Basic Check primarily tests basic school skills in individual subject areas, the Multicheck is mainly focused on brain teasers. Many students are not properly prepared for these in their school, so that our Multicheck preparation course is urgently needed for many applicants.

At Lern-Forum we have been preparing a wide variety of Swiss students for the upcoming aptitude test and the subsequent assessment center with the annual Multicheck preparation course. Together we repeat basic skills in mathematics and languages as well as imagination. In the course of the Multicheck preparation we also train the ability to concentrate and networked thinking.

Right after the Multicheck preparation course, students can also register for a simulated Multicheck test if they wish before things really get serious. The Multicheck results are proven to be much better after participating in one of our courses, so that nothing will stand in the way of starting your dream job!

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Are you trying to decide on a career and looking for an apprenticeship?

Nearly all small and large firms require an aptitude test along with candidates’ application documents. The best known tests are the Basic Check and the Multicheck. There are other job-specific tests as well.

What is the Basic Check?

The Basic Check offers an objective basis for the assessment of skills and talents so that graduates can make an informed career choice. The evaluation is computer-based.

Practice Problems

The objective of the course

In our opinion, the two test methods differ significantly.

The Multicheck tests the student's ability to concentrate, networked thinking and intellectual (cognitive) skills in order to find out the student's potential. The questions have to be solved under time pressure. This causes difficulties for many candidates.

The Basic Check tests basic school skills in mathematics, German, French and English. Attentive and diligent students are at an advantage in this test.

  1. Mathematics: percentage calculation, proportions, units, volume, circle
  2. French: conjugations in présent and passé composé
  3. English: basic vocabulary and phrases
  4. German: tenses and idioms
  5. New: physics and chemistry

Get to know Multicheck® and Basic Check now. We practice the test on paper.

The most popular jobs:

What is the Multicheck?

What is tested?

The material covered is based on the school curriculum at the end of year 8.

What is a good apprenticeship?

Characteristics of popular professions:

  • Multicheck Preparation

    Are you in the process of deciding on a career or vocational training position? We offer prep courses for the Multicheck and Basic-Check.

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