High School Preparation

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High schools in Switzerland

Vocational secondary school (BMS)

The BMS preparation courses in Zurich are the right choice for all fields of study; whether it's technical, health-related, business, industrial or creative.

IT secondary school (IMS)

The special focus of the IMS preparation courses is on mathematics and geometry. But the students also consolidate their knowledge in German and French.

Specialized secondary school (FMS)

The FMS combines practice and theory like no other school. Accordingly, we have adapted our teaching materials to the requirements of this entrance examination.

Matura (Gymnasium)

Our gymnasium preparation course is the first step towards a successful academic career, leading to either short-track or long-track gymnasium.

Increase the success rate

In 2018, 40.6% of participants passed the central entrance examination for long-track gymnasiums in Zurich. The success rate of our students is 70%. Not only for the gymnasium, but for all secondary schools. For many years we have been preparing students for the respective exams, both in theory and with practical exercises. With experience and strong individual support in small groups. And of course, always with the latest learning material. Increase your schoolchild's chances with our customized secondary school preparation.

The recipe for success of our preparation courses

Our teachers have been preparing students for the central entrance examinations for many years. Experience shows: Preparation for secondary schools during regular school classes leaves gaps that can affect the children's chances of admission to the desired educational institution.

That is why we work intensively in our regular courses to fill these gaps. In order to convey both theory and practice, our preparation courses consist on the one hand of classical lessons by motivated teachers who are trained to convey the material in a particularly memorable way, and on the other hand we attach great importance to independent work. Lessons and homework help to consolidate knowledge. To this end, we draw up a fixed learning plan that leads up to the exam - and thus guides the schoolchildren step by step to passing the entrance exam. A protocol of the tasks ensures that your child acquires the required skills without gaps. Thanks to the solutions provided for all worksheets and exercises, this can even be done at home.

If the children have any questions, our teachers are always there to help them. We take the time to work on the individual strengths and weaknesses of the students. And since our mentors are exclusively involved in the preparation for BMS, FMS, IMS and the gymnasium in Zurich, they can answer any question in this regard.

But we do not rely on our many years of experience. On the contrary: every year we update our teaching materials to the latest state of the art and adapt them to updated curricula and presumed exam questions. This way your child does not learn for yesterday, but for the future.

Last but not least, our recipe for success requires one thing above all: repetition. This is why we recommend our weekly courses, in which the learning content is practiced until nothing can go wrong with the central entrance examination.

We are always easy to reach: On site centrally located at Stadelhofen station and of course online!

How to put together an effective secondary school preparation

At the Lern-Forum your child learns as individually as they deserve. We offer courses in German, English, French and mathematics. You can choose the subjects for your child in which you see a need to improve. Combine the courses into a tailor-made package. Or support your child's preparation with the full program.

Our courses are of course tailored to the secondary school of your choice. Therefore, please choose the right type of school first.

  • Berufsmaturitätsschule
  • Informatikmittelschule
  • Fachmittelschule
  • Maturavorbereitung

Registration for BMS exam prep (same exam for all fields)

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Registration for BMS Examination Preparation Holiday Intensive Courses

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Registration for vocational school mock exam (Subject to change!)

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Kursdaten IMS Kurse

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Course dates FMS courses

Course Level Starting date Time Location Details Cost CHF Available
FMS Vorbereitungskurs
Mittwoch (14 mal)
2./3. Sek. 27.10.21 16:45 - 19:45 Zürich Kreuzplatz Details 2380.-- many Register
FMS Vorbereitungskurs
Samstag (10 mal)
2./3. Sek. 13.11.21 09:00 - 12:00 Zürich Stadelhofen Details 1760.-- few Register
FMS Vorbereitungskurs
Mittwoch (10 mal)
2./3. Sek. 24.11.21 16:45 - 19:45 Zürich Stadelhofen Details 1760.-- many Register
1. Ferienwoche FMS / Kurzzeit 12:30 2./3. Sek. 14.02.22 - 18.02.22 12:30 - 15:30 Zürich Kreuzplatz Details 780.-- many Register
2. Ferienwoche FMS / Kurzzeit 12:30 2./3. Sek. 21.02.22 - 25.02.22 12:30 - 15:30 Zürich Kreuzplatz Details 780.-- many Register

Registration - Repetition courses for Matura holders

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Mock exam

Participants receive a detailed report on their progress with recommendations for the learning objectives to be achieved.

Often the pupils and especially the parents are "shocked" by the outcome. We discuss the result and the learners recognise the difficulty of the examination situation. This approach has led to very good success rates in the correct entrance examination. The examination for secondary school pupils will remain unchanged this year. The experience mark is not taken into account.

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Exam year 2021

In future, the same conditions will apply to all schools: Half of all entrance examinations will be German and half of all entrance examinations will be mathematics. The other half will be made up of the preliminary grades. This will be announced by the Regierungsrat on Thursday.

For admission to a long-term or short-term Gymnasium, the average of the examination and intermediate marks must be at least 4.75, for vocationally-oriented school types an average of 4.5 is required.
The new regulation will be applied for the first time in March 2022 for Gymnasiums, commercial secondary schools, specialised secondary schools and vocational baccalaureate schools, and in October 2020 for IT secondary schools.
Press release of the Directorate of Education

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    Mit unserer Gymivorbereitung online bieten wir Ihren Kindern auch in diesen komplizierten Zeiten die Möglichkeit, sich auf die zentrale Aufnahmeprüfung im März vorzubereiten.