Chances of success Gymnasium

Will I pass?

Success in the entrance exam does not depend solely on optimal support, but is also strongly influenced by the attitude with which one prepares for it. Ask yourself:

  • Am I taking the exam because my parents want me to?
  • Or because I want to study?
  • Or is it because I can't decide on an apprenticeship?

The reasons for choosing long-term gymnasium can be varied – and therefore lead to different chances of success.

  • Goals

Learning Objectives

The entrance exam for long-track Gymnasium tests personal development and working methods in addition to a child's subject knowledge.

You can download the full list of learning objectives here.

In Mathematics the most important thing is the ability to solve multistep problems in a logical, step-by-step manner. The children should be able to work quickly and cleanly. They must be able to make connections between different bits of information and reason through new types of problems. The exam may contain any of the following (this is not a complete list):

  1. Converting measurements (distances, weights, times, etc.)
  2. Calculating with fractions and decimal points
  3. Rule of three (word problems, proportions)
  4. Problems about work and performance
  5. Calculating speed
  6. Geometry (constructions, volumes etc.)
  7. Spacial reasoning

In German, one of the most important parts is the essay. The essays are subject to strict marking and are used as an indicator of the child's developmental level.

Children must also pass a German test with reading comprehension and multiple grammar and vocabulary questions. Independent thinking is important.

The children should be able to draw the main points from a text and answer questions appropriately for their age. A large vocabulary and a firm grasp of grammar can be decisive factors.

Available spots and registration
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Does the social welfare office pay for the course?

Gymnasium preparation courses are not normally paid for by the social welfare office.

This is because equal opportunities are guaranteed by the Swiss school system – transfer to the Gymnasium is possible in many places, and even without the Gymnasium, a wide range of options is open to every student.