Learning objectives for short-track Gymnasium

In our preparatory courses, we deal with all topics that are relevant to the entrance examination. However, the courses of Lern-Forum go beyond the entrance exam. We also look at individual topics that will be dealt with at the beginning of the probationary period. We want you to have a great start at Gymnasium!


The materials which students will be questioned on depends on the teaching material of the primary school. Exam topics are taken from the Mathematik 1 textbook (all chapters) and about half of the Mathematik 2 textbook (up to chapter 5a: Prices - Actions - VAT). Students may be asked to do the following:

Numbers and Variables (Arithmetic and Algebra)

 Data and Chance

Size and Mass

Form and Space

2D geometry


The underlying material is that of unités 1 to 10 (textbook and modules, higher requirements) of “envol 7” and “envol 8”. The requirements are broadly similar to those of the waystage (A2) level of the European Language Portfolio.




The German exam involves two parts:

Writing a text

Text comprehension and language observation (Grammar and Expression)

Further information on the learning objectives as well as the exact requirements (grades, etc.) for the entrance examination can be found on our website www.lern-forum.ch. We offer preparatory courses from autumn onwards. Courses are offered both during the semester and during the holidays. We teach in small groups of up to 8 students. Thanks to our up-to-date and proven course materials and excellent teachers, we provide outstanding preparation for the entrance exam. Click here to see costs, course locations and open places.

Short-track Gymnasium courses
from 2nd/3rd year secondary.

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Learning Vocabulary

Learn the complete vocabulary list
(incl. pronunciation)

French Vocabulary

Essay Writing

Since the German grade counts for 40% of the short-track Gymnasium entrance exam, linguistic expression, text interpretation and grammar are more important for sound preparation than ever.

In our courses, we regularly write essays that are corrected, assessed and graded by a specialised team.