Gym Preparation Online

Gymnasium preparation online - from the comfort of your home

Every year, many Swiss students take advantage of our preparatory courses for the Gymi exam. At the Lern-Forum in Zurich, participants can expect not only experienced teachers, but also constantly updated exercises and working materials.

In 2020 and 2021, however, Gymiprüfung preparation will be somewhat more difficult than usual. Due to the situation we are all aware of, it will not be possible this year to prepare groups on-site at the Learning Forum for the upcoming exams in March

However, we will not let you and your children down, of course! With our Gymivorbereitung online, we offer your children the opportunity to prepare for the central entrance exam in March, even during these complicated times. The Gymivorbereitung online meets the same high standards as our regular Gymivorbereitung and prepares your children optimally for the Gymi exam. We would therefore be pleased if you would take the opportunity to offer your children the ideal preparation for the Gymi examination and the subsequent time at the Gymnasium.

Ideal gym preparation online - despite the current situation.

The current situation presents challenges for all of us. Your children also have to live with restrictions at school and probably cannot learn as well or as much as usual. Therefore, additional preparations are currently more important than ever!

While you also support your children when you learn together at home, you usually have neither the materials nor the knowledge to do so thoroughly. But with Lern-Forum Zürich you have found the ideal partner for effective gym preparation online.

With the help of modern communication tools, we make it possible for your children to learn even over long distances. Our online high school preparation offers the following advantages:

  • Lessons in real time with qualified teachers
  • Lessons in small groups - all see each other
  • With one click, students are in the virtual classroom (no program download required, no login, no user account)
  • Each lesson is available by video (the lesson can be viewed again at any time in peace)
  • Classes take place at home

E-learning at is easy, safe and above all effective! Sign up your children for an e-learning course here..

Adapted learning concepts in high school preparation online

At the Learning Forum Zurich, we have adapted our proven learning concepts so that your children can also use them digitally. Instead of our on-site lessons, there are live lessons on the computer that differ only minimally from classroom lessons in terms of delivery and structure. As a result, we offer your children not only the appropriate lessons to prepare for the Gymi exam, but also individual support - for example, participants in the Gymi preparation online have the opportunity to ask questions at any time.

The lessons in the virtual classroom include both theory and practical tasks. Our experienced teachers use a digital whiteboard, which is transferred to your child's screen. This way, your child can perfectly follow all the solutions while our teaching staff provides additional explanations. In addition, your children will receive individual videos for each math assignment and essay corrections will be done digitally. Furthermore, as a parent, you also have the option of ordering additional practice material directly to your home to provide your children with additional preparation opportunities.

Hybrid courses

The online courses are conducted in hybrid classes, i.e. the students in the online live course are connected to the on-site course.

Teachers can respond to questions from online participants. A quick glance over the shoulder at the worksheet is more difficult. Therefore, check whether this form of teaching is suitable for your child.

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Registration e-learning courses

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How does the online-course work?

Almost like a classroom.

  1. The students receive a link by e-mail - with just one click, the student is in the virtual classroom.
  2. All pupils see each other and can talk to each other.
  3. The teacher can give the students additional teaching materials and additional exercises to download as needed.
  4. Then the lesson begins: the teacher explains the material and the students solve the exercises on paper at home.

Advantages of distance learning

Learning is now independent of location

With e-learning, students can put the finishing touches on their exam preparation! They learn in the comfort of their own homes in front of their computers using the tried-and-tested Learning Forum materials. Teachers explain the tasks to students in an interactive virtual classroom.

With our distance learning course offerings, we prevent your child from falling behind due to school closure.

It is now important to avoid gaps and at the same time prepare your child optimally for the Gymi examination in 2022. The material of the 5th grade must sit so that the basis is laid for further preparation for the Gymnasium.

Exercises with videos

Expanded e-learning program

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