Registration for Gymi prep with milestone

Course Level Starting date Time Location Flyer Details Cost CHF Available
Samstag (4 mal) 13.00 Kurzzeitgymnasium
2./3. Sek. 24.10.20 13.00- 17.00 h Zürich Stadelhofen Download Details 1490.-- many Register

Milestone programme contents:

  • Essay Practice at Home

    Write an essay and have it corrected by teachers. Essay training in Zurich and Aargau.

  • Buy Teaching Materials

    Buy Teaching materials and exercise material. Lern-Forum Shop.

  • Lern-Forum Shop

    Lern-Forum Shop. Exercises available for purchase. Learning material for examination preparation. German, Mathematics and French Preparatory material for purchase.

  • Multicheck Basic Check

    Are you in the process of deciding on a career or vocational training position? We offer prep courses for the Multicheck and Basic-Check.

  • Typing

    10 finger typing and spelling for children and adolescents.