Gymnasium preparation in Zurich - Entrance exam 2020/2021

The gymnasium - Springboard for the future

As always, an excellent education is crucial for the professional future. At the gymnasium, pupils learn foreign languages as well as abstract thinking, which is more than ever necessary in a demanding profession.

Without specific exam preparation for the gymnasium the transfer is hardly possible. Even if the schools offer a gym preparation during two lessons per week in the new school year, this is usually not enough.

All our course materials are continuously updated and adapted to the latest teaching materials. The training material is prepared and compiled by us centrally, which is very time-consuming.
In the Lern-Forum teachers are employed who are exclusively responsible for the preparation of the course material. 

Thanks to the tightly managed courses, the students learn very efficiently and can close existing gaps and gain confidence in solving the tasks.

Preparation courses alongside the school 1 x per week

Preparation courses over a longer period of time guarantee a sustainable learning success. With our own learning material, which is specifically designed for the requirements of the exam, the students receive a complete preparation. All exam-relevant topics are repeated and taken in depth. 

The teachers can respond individually to the students and answer questions at any time.

All about the preparation for the long-term gymnasium

All about the preparation for the short-term gymnasium

Preparatory courses during the holidays:

Spring holidays:

Preliminary course Repetition & Consolidation 5th school year resp. 1st sec. - Outlook next school year

Summer holidays:

Preliminary course Repetition & Consolidation 5th school year resp. 1st sec. - Outlook next school year

Autumn holidays:

Basic course - repetition and consolidation

Christmas / Winter holidays:

Crash course - repetition and examination tasks

Sport holiday course:

Exam preparation course - practice exam tasks and exam techniques

4 lessons per day of 45 minutes each
Fr. 780.-- incl. material

Holiday-Intensive courses

Latest courses starting soon:

Trial days for Gymnasium prep courses

The trial days take place on Saturday, 4th July 2020 and 22th of August 2020.

You do not need to register early. We look forward to meeting you.

The entrance examination in 2021 takes place without any changes due to an administrative appeal.

Gymivorbereitung Zürich

Simulated exam "like real"

The oral entrance examination for primary school pupils is not required. Four hours decide on the admission to the Gymnasium (long-term gymnasium). The Gymi examinations take place in mid-March.
Success chance

Course description Simulated exam

Distance Lessons

Because of the Covid 19 crisis, the courses are temporarily held in the distance classroom. 
Since 16 March 2020, over 100 students have taken part in our online courses.

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Course material

For each course, we have compiled a comprehensive Lern-Forum course binder. These binders are continuously revised and always up to date with the latest subject knowledge.

Each student has their own binder with all exercises and the pertinent solutions printed on paper. Upon completion of the course, the student retains this binder, so that the student may continue to study and practice the material contained within.

Find your course

Find the appropriate course for your child. We do not offer private tutoring.

  • Preparation long-track gymnasium

    Courses for the preparation for the long-term high school. Successful exam preparation for primary school students from 6th grade upwards into the Long-Track Gymnasium.

  • Preparation short-track gymnasium

    Successful exam preparation and tutoring courses for the short-term gymnasium entrance examination from Sec. We offer tutoring lessons for Mathematics, French, German and more. More Information and Registration here.

  • Gymnasium preparation holiday courses

    Intensive courses and holiday courses so pupils can prepare for the gymnasium entrance exam. Check out our list of holiday and intensive courses focused on the gymnasium examination.

  • Mock exam

    Lern-Forum offers simulated exams so that your child can get a realistic assessment of his/her learning level and determine whether he/she is ready for the upcoming entrance examinations.

  • Gymnasium preparation course 5th grade

    Gymnasium preparation for 5th year primary students. In our courses, your child will learn how to understand and interpret texts, build vocabulary, improve math knowledge, improve essay-writing and much more. Your child will be fully prepared for the 2021 entrance exam.

  • Gymnasium preparation 1st Sec.

    Gymnasium preparation courses from 1st grade secondary school. In these learning courses your child will learn how to understand and interpret age-appropriate texts, build vocabulary, essay teaching, math 1st sec., sentence tasks 1st sec.

  • e-Learning Online Courses

    We offer online preparation courses for BMS, short and long-track gymnasium. We also offer online courses in the subjects Math, German and essay training.

  • Essay training gymnasium preparation

    Targeted, age-appropriate essay training for primary and secondary students. These students learn and train how to write great essays in small groups.

  • Oral Exam

    Lern-Forum has been offering preparatory courses for the oral gymnasium examination in German, French and mathematics for years.

  • Gymi Prep Milestones

    In the course "Gymi Prep with Milestones" students work with the proven teaching materials and course folders from the Lern-Forum.

  • Gymnasium prep taster days

    In the first weeks after the summer holidays, the Lern-Forum offers taster courses in preparation for the Gymnasium and BMS for everyone.

  • Probation accompaniment

    Intensive and holiday courses during the autumn holiday to assist or prepare you to pass the gymnasium probationary period.

  • Gymiprüfung 2021

    Vorbereitungskurse für die Zentrale Aufnahmeprüfung für das Gymnasium bei

  • Exam archive

    Free gymnasium exam exercises and old tests for preparing for the 2021 entrance examination. Feel free to go through and download any files of previous gymnasium exams.

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Gymi exam

    We have answered a list of frequently asked questions about the gymnasium exam and BMS exam. You can post your questions here and we will answer you as soon as possible

  • Guide for the gymnasium examination

    Guide to the Gymnasium entrance examination - All information on the gymnasium examination - Central entrance examination

  • Our gymnasium preparation course material

    Our course material for gymnasium preparation. Sample exercises in mathematics, French and German. Insight into our course material.