Flexible learning

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Self-preparation for the gymnasium

Flex Learning fits your busy schedule

Many students don’t have time to regularly attend a prep course in addition to having school, sports practice and hobbies.

Our independent learning offer is flexible and unique. Students can learn at their own pace and correct their own work using the provided solutions. The material is precisely tailored to the requirements of the Gymnasium entrance exam.

The method: practice materials and tests

  • The student reviews the exam material with practice problems and exam questions that gradually build on each other
  • Videos and virtual classrooms serve to explain the topics at hand.
  • Essay corrections and simulation exams let the student know where he or she stands.

Flexible Learning

Our online learning program enables students to independently prepare for their entrance exam (long- and short-track Gymnasium). The program is designed to fit your busy schedule. We offer a unique combination of practice problems on paper, supplementary instructional videos and essay practice. In addition, students can participate in an exam simulation.

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For the first time, there is a structured learning program for supported self-study.

It is not enough to merely work through old exams. The key is to establish a sound understanding of mathematical principles step-by-step.

Only then do student truly gain the confidence to solve mixed-topic problems the way they appear on the exam.

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  • Practice Problems
  • Essay Correction
  • Exam Simulation
  • The Milestone Program
  • E-Learning

Practice Problems

Students receive a workbook with solutions in print format sent to their home.

The practice problems specifically reflect the requirements of the exam at hand and have been constantly improved and updated throughout our many successful courses. Every practice problem comes with a solution so that students can check their work.

Removing stumbling blocks

We correct the essays according to the guidelines of the entrance examinations to the long-term or short-term gymnasium!

Essay composition is an important part of many of today’s entrance exams. A good essay score is essential to passing the entrance exam for vocational school (BMS) and Gymnasium. Students at every level should be able to express themselves age-appropriately in writing and share their views, experiences, feelings and thoughts on paper. Essays not only put students’ language development to the test, but also their mental maturity.

Unfortunately, writing is often neglected in school, and students are shocked to find that their essay received poor marks on the entrance exam and may even have caused them to fail the exam altogether.

It is important that students practice writing good essays as early as possible. Our essay tool now makes practice easy and convenient! Simply submit your essay to us and we will return the corrected version along with a detailed commentary to you by e-mail.

Exam Simulation

In order to pass the actual exam, students must learn how to cope with the nervousness and uncertainty they may feel during test situations.

Our simulation exam  allows course participants to experience the exam process and get a clear idea of what to expect on the day of the actual exam. This way students are not surprised by an unfamiliar situation and can prepare accordingly.

The milestone program

New at Lern-Forum: our unique milestone program

Students receive a course folder with the tried and tested Lern-Forum materials in paper format. This lets them prepare independently and flexibly at their own home. For further assistance, students can access our customised instructional videos explaining individual practice problems.

To check their learning progress, students attend a milestone lesson every 4 weeks (four times total). On these days, students’ progress is measured through milestone tests and an essay prompt. Participants immediately find out whether their studying has been effective and in which topics they should invest more time. In addition, the learning objectives that will be tested during the next milestone lesson are explained, and students can ask questions.

The popular Lern-Forum.ch simulation exam at the Zürich University completes the preparation perfectly. Students experience the test process exactly as it will be on the day of the actual exam and receive reliable feedback on their efforts.


Education for Every Schedule

  • BMS Preparation

    Tutoring and intensive holiday courses so your child can prepare for the BMS entrance exam.

  • IT School (IMS)

    Tutoring and intensive holiday courses to optimally prepare your child for the IMS entrance examination.

  • FMS Vorbereitung

    Nachhilfe und intensive Ferienkurse, um Ihr Kind optimal auf die FMS Aufnahmeprüfung vorzubereiten.

  • Matura Preparation

    Repetition preparation courses of all relevant subjects for the Matura examinations in mathematics and French.