Specialised, Business and IT School Exam Preparation

for the entrance exams to specialised (FMS), business (HMS) and IT school (IMS)

We offer high quality prep courses specifically for specialised (FMS), business (HMS) and IT school (IMS). We build on the foundational material for the 3rd year of secondary school and work on what that is important for the exam.

Important: the entrance exams for specialised, IT and business school are all exactly the same. Students therefore should attend the same prep course, regardless of which school they hope to attend.

The entrance exam for vocational school (BMS) is different from the others.  We also offer a prep course for this exam.

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Exam Information

The exam for vocational school (BMS) 1 will take place on Friday, June 20, 2020.

The exam for vocational school (BMS) 2 will take place on Saturday, March 7, 2020.*

(*We recommend that those who are interested in a course and would like to attend vocational school 2 take a holiday course or a course in the Canton of Zurichbecause the quarterly course in the Canton of Aargau is scheduled around the vocational school 1 exam date.)

Official Information from the Department of Education:

Vocational School Entrance Requirements
Vocational School General Information

  • In the Canton of Aargau, there is only a single entrance exam for vocational school (BMS).
  • There is no difference between the acceptance procedures for the various disciplines within vocational school (business, social, technical, commercial). Students interested in attending IT (IMS) or business (HMS) school complete the exact same exam as vocational school candidates.
  • The assessment and acceptance procedures were adjusted in 2013 and have not been changed since. They are valid for 2014 as well.
  • The entrance exams to vocational school 1 (accompanying an apprenticeship) and vocational school 2 (after completion of an apprenticeship) are only slightly different. Vocational school 2 only requires an essay for the German portion of the exam – all other subjects are similar.

Examination free to the secondary school 

The revision of the transfer procedure offers secondary school pupils a new opportunity to continue their education after the sec. at a middle school:

Entrance exam

Secondary students who do not achieve the necessary marks to enter these schools directly may take an entrance exam for specialised, business, IT or vocational school. Note that there is a separate registration for the exam. Registering for the school itself does not count as registering for the exam!



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The material for the FMS / WMS / IMS entrance exam is based on the 3rd year of secondary school.
Small groups of no more than 8 students.