Mathematics Probationary Period Gymnasium

Making it through the probationary period

The probationary period lasts 6 months.

We bring your child to the required level. Individual support in small groups.

Registration of Mathematics course

CourseLevelStarting dateTimeLocationDetailsCost CHFAvailable
Mathematik Probezeitvorkurs8. / 9. KlasseSa ab 10.06.2312:30 - 15:00Zürich KreuzplatzDetails 890.-- many Register
4. Wo Sommerferien
Mathematik Probezeitvorkurs
8. / 9. Klasse07.08.23 - 11.08.2312:00 - 14:00Zürich KreuzplatzDetails 880.-- many Register
5. Wo Sommerferien
Mathematik Probezeitvorkurs
8. / 9. Klasse14.08.23 - 18.08.239:00 - 11:00Zürich KreuzplatzDetails 880.-- many Register

Courses at Kreuzplatz  near Stadelhofen station.

Mathematics trial period

When transferring to the gymnasium or the upper school, even students with good grades in elementary school can suddenly experience difficulties.

Mathematics is more complex and the learning speed is higher. Book a Mathematics trial course now, before it's too late.

FAQ Probationary period

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