Registration Mathematics Bridge Course

Learning objectives

It is recommended to attend a preparatory mathematics course after passing the entrance examination to the short-term high school or the BMS.
This applies in particular if the mathematics grade in the entrance examination is barely satisfactory.

We sharpen the understanding of mathematical "blemishes" (exact notation), learn to listen and understand at the same time, to copy and ask specific questions.

Students should get used to a faster pace.


Courses at Kreuzplatz  near the Stadelhofen train station.


Staying safe in the short high school

In the bridge course, prospective high school students learn the basics of high school mathematics.


  • Set theory
  • Systems of equations
  • Binomial formulas
  • Functions
  • Ray theorems
  • Topics of the 1st class short high school


Holiday and quarterly courses:

Solidifying the material

During the last holiday week, we offer group courses in

French (formal grammar, text comprehension, text production),

Mathematics (by level: secondary/Gymnasium)

German (by level: primary 5/6, upper level)

Latin (Beginners) (long gymnasium)

English (grammar, conversation, secondary A)

Spelling / Essay Writing (primary students)

All subjects can be booked individually, 2 hours daily per subject