KV Keyboarding Certification

  • Accredited diploma


Accredited diploma


Today, 10-finger typing is part of a general education.

Some schools integrate 10-finger typing into the curriculum. Before, KV apprentices used to learn typing skills when they started vocational school.

These days, vocational schools require students to obtain a typing certificate before beginning an apprenticeship so that they can take on simple administrative tasks

Our methods and the typing diploma are recognised by the canton vocational schools.

Evaluations are in accordance with IKA regulations from the KV vocational schools.

IKA regulations

Attractive Conditions

Lern-Forum offers a typing course at an affordable rate.

9 course days with 3 lessons each + 1 test day

Costs incl. course book CHF 375.--

Students are obligated to complete their homework because it is part of the lessons.

Practice makes perfect!

Primarily upper-level students participate in our courses.

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    Typing course with accredited diploma in Baden, Zürich, Winterthur, Aarau, Wohlen, a.A., Zug for students and adults

  • Accredited Diploma

    Our diploma for correct typing is accredited by the KV

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    10 finger typing and spelling for children and adolescents.