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Lern-Forum specialises in supplementary and review courses from the primary level up to Matura.

We offer professional support during transition into the upper level, Gymnasium or BMS, as well as Matura and vocational preparation.

Professionalism, Experience, Competence

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Individual support: goal-oriented and personal

A key point of our courses is the focus on each individual. We maintain small class sizes to make personal attention possible. Our teachers are aware of the places where each student struggles and are able to work toward specific goals. Your child's questions will be answered individually during the lesson.

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Extensive folder of learning materials included in tuition cost

For optimal study during and outside of class time

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Videos for home learning

The Journey is the Goal--the correct problem-solving method is vital in entrance exams. We have created mathematics videos to help with difficult problems, so that the students can follow along during home study. This way your child can work through the problems at his/her own pace, play back each step, and really understand the process.

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Assessments and progress reports

Approximately halfway through the course, you will will receive comprehensive feedback about possible gaps in your child's education, his/her behaviour in the course and individualised suggestions for improvement during the remaining course time.

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Syllabus with homework assignments

Our teachers update their syllabi so you always know what is being taught in the course. The syllabi also contain a listing of the homework assignments for the next class period. You can check the progress of the course at any time.

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Specific and individual essay training

Our professional reviewers offer essay correction with individual feedback and marking according to the standards of the entrance exam. Constant improvement in essay writing helps students take more joy in the process of writing texts and feel more prepared for the test.

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Quality of the highest level

Thanks to experienced and professional teachers, examiners and quality managers, customer feedback, internal teacher training and constant oversight, review and improvement of course materials, we can guarantee course quality of the highest level.

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Realistically simulated exams

Towards the end of the course, you have the opportunity to take part in our large, realistic exam simulation at reduced cost. Both the atmosphere and the marking mirror the standard entrance exam.

Info about Gymnasium Exam

Customer reviews:

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Thank you for the amazing Gymnasium prep

Dear Frau Meyer I'm very sorry for contacting you so late. However, I wanted to let you know that I passed the Gymnasium exam. I got a 5.5 in both the essay and language portions, and a 5 in maths. Best Regards, Ilona.

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Hello, I wanted to thank you for your assistance. Thanks to the maths lessons, I was able to score a 5.75 on the maths portion of the Gymnasium exam. Regards, Tamiris A.

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I would not have passed without your help

Dear Herr Hansmann and Frau Rodic, I am pleased to tell you that I passed the Gymnasium exam with an average of 4.6. (Maths: 3.75 German Essay: 4.75 German Language: 4.75 French: 6.0) Thank you so much for your help. Sincerely, Aline F.

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Feedback for Gymnasium Prep

Dear Frau Schmitt, Before my son Elias received the results of his examination this weekend, I asked him from what part of the Gymi Prep he profited most. He answered quickly: essay writing. Sure enough, Elias had improved two whole points on the score that kept him from entering Langzeit Gymi two years ago--from a three to a five. I personally saw how painstakingly you corrected his essay and gave him constructive criticism. And according to Elias, many of them must have given you quite the headache. I want to thank you sincerely for your efforts. I think Elias and all the other students will profit from it far beyond the reaches of the entrance exam. (I had a similarly thorough German teacher during my time as a mediocre pupil, and later became a journalist and [chief] editor. That is, after we crammed NZZ-Evergreen’s “Richtiges Deutch” column by Walter Heuer.) Back to Elias: he did very well on the exam, taking your suggestions to heart and sharpening his essay until the very last minute of the test. A satisfied father wishes you continued satisfaction and joy in your career. Elias’ Father

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Passed Gymi Exam

Dear Frau Ocello, I've been wanting to tell you that Noa passed the entrance exam. 3.75 in the essay, a 4 in Ger., and 4.25 in maths. Averaged with previous marks, it was a final score of 4.87. Thank you so much for your guidance during the preparation period. I wish you all the best.

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Kurzzeitgymnasium prep

Prep courses during the semester or over break

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Trial period courses im Gymnasium

Trial period courses during and after autumn break